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“British Dressage is not just about competing, it is about discovering more about your partnership with your horse and enjoying a supportive network in which to excel. I have enjoyed being a part of BD teams since I was 14 and as a result I have felt supported through my lows and carried to my highs. I am part of a bigger community and this is inspiring.”

Olympic dressage rider, Laura Tomlinson

While we can’t all be Laura T, we can all enjoy the support, training and inspiration offered by British Dressage on our own journeys of discovery with our horses. British Dressage offers a range of memberships to suit your aspirations and your pocket.


If you're new to dressage and want to learn more about our memberships, competition structure and opportunities.  Download our 'Discover Dressage' booklet - it'll tell you all you need to know!





Alternatively - read on...

What membership do I need?

- Those who want to take part in Music classesTeam Quest or My Quest, the Associated Championships, Combined Training and ride in Prelim Bronze and Gold sections you'll need to be a CLUB MEMBER, which is just £30 for the year.

- If you want to compete at Prelim Silver, Novice and above or ride in any Championship, you'll need to be a FULL MEMBER. Cost: £90 for new members - or £85 if you'd like to join by Direct Debit. Want to spread your Full membership payments over the year? Not a problem, you can now join for just £8 a month! Click here for more information.

- Never been a BD member before and want to try six months before investing in a year long membership? At just £55, try out TRIAL MEMBERSHIP

- If you want to own, be a judge or support BD and receive a member package, you'll need to be an NON-COMPETING MEMBER. Cost: £55.

- If you want to use the long winter months to polish your dressage, there's a WINTER MEMBERSHIP which runs 1 October - 31 March. Cost: £50

- If you're a supporter who wants to make the most of the website, read our magazine on-line and receive a regular newsletter, all for free you can be an ASSOCIATE MEMBER. Cost: FREE - join hereAssociate membership does not entitle any rider to compete, unless in conjunction with a BD class ticket. If you wish to compete as an Associate member with a class ticket, you MUST complete a paper form and send to the office. Do not join online, please click here to download a membership form.

You can opt to pay for membership by Direct Debit
Full membership (opting for Direct Debit) - £85
Direct Debit renewal price - £80
Full membership (monthly Direct Debit) - £8 per month

Non-competing (opting for direct debit) - £50
Direct debit renewal price - £45

For the full details of becoming a member of British Dressage visit the Benefits of Joining page.  To join British Dressage, you can either complete your application online (Full, Club or Non-Competing memberships only at present) or download a membership form here.  

If you're posting an application - member and/or horse, please ensure you put enough
postage on your envelope - you may need a 'large letter' stamp.

 For further information on the membership package for dressage enthusiasts who currently do not compete affiliated, visit our Associate Membership page.

To compete in British Dressage-affiliated classes you will also need to register your horse.  Click here to download a form or follow the link to the registration area (you'll need to be a member to do this).  If you're doing Prelim, Music or Young Horse classes, your horse needs to be a minimum of associate registered - it's free - click here to download a form.  PLEASE NOTE: you cannot currently upgrade an Associate horse to full on the website - it may let you complete the process, including taking payment, but no record is passed to us.  If you need to do this, please ring the office 02476 698836 and we can  do it over the phone. Many thanks.

If you would like to register a horse or have bought a horse that has previously been registered with BD under another member, please click here to download a Change of Ownership form.

New to dressage and need those competition essentials?  Have a look in our fabulous online hub for some great brands, the latest products and some hand-picked treats.