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You can view the current British Dressage (BD) Members' Handbook by clicking on the various headings below. The rules are revised on
an annual basis and come into effect from 1 December every year.

The book contains all the information you need to know to
compete in affiliated dressage, including what you and your horse are allowed to wear, what the judges are looking for and how to qualify for all the different championships.

2016 Rules - active 1 December 2015

Download the full 2016 Members' Handbook (updated Jul 2016 with an amendment to rule 79d - page 60). This document supersedes the original printed version.

Please also note the January rule clarifications.

07 Mar 2016 - further clarifications were made to the rules regarding bridles and spurs while the rule was changed on riding boots.

To view all the significant 2016 rule amendments, download the document. (This does not include the new competition structure changes.)

2017 Rules - active from 1 December 2016

Download the full 2017 Members' Handbook here.

Following the release of the 2017 Members' Handbook, there have been a few rule updates, please click here to read all. (dated 27/10/16)

Riding hat rules

In January 2015, the EU Commission announced that the BS/EN1384 hat standard was to be withdrawn. Following this notification, British Dressage made the decision to remove the BS/EN1384 hat standard from the list of recommended standards from 1 January 2017.

Hats with the BS/EN1384 standard will continue to be permitted for use in BD competitions throughout 2015 and 2016 but not thereafter.

To enable competitors to forward plan buying new hats, we have compiled and uploaded the 2016 Hat Rules