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Northern region

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The British Dressage Northern Region Is Kindly Sponsored by 
Hello and welcome to the British Dressage Northern Region.  

 Latest News


The following riders have been selected to represent the Northern Region at the BYRDS Inter-Regionals at the College, Keysoe 1-2 July 2017.  Congratulations to you all.


India Durman Mills riding Brickyard Splash
Olivia Langley riding Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel
Alexandra Molesworth St Aubyn riding Taffechan Rough Diamond
Emily Sutherland (Scotland) riding Grace X
Leah Thourgood-Davidson riding WFS Topstar
Molly Tulloch riding DHI Lionceau
C SQUAD Section A    
Meghan Anderson riding Logs Master Flashdance
Elizabeth Brook riding Grey Murtha
Lily Cordwell-Smith riding Heillgengergs Pushed Again
Phoebe Corner riding Small-Land Tapdance
Molly Rose riding Radway Harlequin
Ellie Roberts riding Tyngwndwn Golden Boy
C SQUAD Section B    
Esmee Alex riding Derha Dollar
Alexandra Askin riding CVS Cosmic II
Anna Bates riding Jollianna
Fern Carroll riding GF Damoiselle
Charlotte Clark riding Mr Finnigan
Maisie Turnbull riding Stetson
Feodora Chawla riding Penheol Turpin
Molly Esberger-Shepherd riding Bronllwyn Joshua
Zara Monks riding Artic Poppy
Bracken Parkhouse riding Gallois Champagne Charlie
Isabella Rowley riding Rosewater Cassius
Non Travelling Reserves    
Freya Cox riding Easdon Greybird
Mollie Witham riding DZL Royal Sunshine
Bracken Parkhouse riding Hywi Sara

Congratulations to you all!


Applications are now invited for the BYRDS Home International at Rockrose Equestrian Sports Centre, Haddington, EH41 4PZ, Scotland on 28-30 July 2017.  Completed progress charts please to by Monday 19 June 2017 (to be announced 3 July)

BYRDS Home International Information Sheet

BYRDS Regional Selection Policy

BYRDS Home International Progress Chart


We are delighted to announce that we have a new regional sponsor.  Sheepgate Tack and Togs are a renowned family run business at prestigious northern venue Sheepgate Equestrian. Many of you will know Sheepgate as a top competition venue "Well worth the journey" with a warm friendly welcome and excellent hospitality. Without our generous sponsors, many of the team activities would not be possible so we are thilled they are on board.  
Sheepgate Tack and Togs have launched a new website For June, you can receive 10% off your first order by entering the code found in the BD Northern newsletter. Please contact RDO Jo Byrne if you are not on the mailing list.
They join our valued sponsors Sue Carson Saddles Ltd and GB Bodybuilders (Horseboxes)
Navigate the Regional webpage by clicking on the link below:
Jo Byrne 07783 791191 Regional Development Officer (RDO)  - The RDO represents British Dressage in the Northern Region, often being the first point of contact, and working closely with Head Office to develop, promote and support BD activities. The RDO provides a key method of communicating the views and interests of the Northern Region’s members and works with the region’s competition centres planning dates, offering support to organisers and ensuring centres meet the BD criteria. 
Vikki Hayton 07860 276578 Vikki is our British Dressage Northern Region Chairman. Vikki’s role as Regional Chairman is to provide leadership of all of activities within the British Dressage Northern Region. Vikki has a strong interest in dressage, has been actively involved with the sport as a BD Trainer/UKCC and list 4 Judge and BHSI with masters in Teaching. She brings a balanced overview to the implementation of the policies agreed by the board and the main technical committees. Vikki Chairman works closely with the Jo (RDO) to ensure that the Regional Committee functions effectively to maximise the potential of each area. Vikki encourages collaborative working and assists in resolving any issues within the region.
Nicky Sanderson 07738 461658 Nicky is the BD Northern Regions BYRDS Representative. Nicky is a full time freelance coach. She is a BD Trainee judge and frequently competes at BD competitions at all levels. Nicky has a young daughter who is a BYRDS C squad rider along with her two nieces who compete at International level. This is how Nicky became involved with BYRDS as she has the passion and expertise to continue to develop and support both riders and parents in the region.
Gwyneth Lewis 07710 021279 Gwyneth is the Judges Representative for the Northern Region – North. Gwyneth is point of contact for judges, competitors and organisers with judging issues. Gwyneth regularly feeds back info to British Dressage Head Office and is responsible for organising judge training in the region. There are ongoing sessions this summer. 
Sandra Smith  07703 260144 Sandra is the Judges Representative for the Northern Region – South.  Sandra is the point of contact for judges and competitors and organises judge training in the Southern part of the region.  She organises training such as educational days, DVD sessions, mock exams, study days i.e. lateral work and judge’s social evenings and test judging analysis conducted by various tutor judges.
Gillian Brown  07872 923456 Gillian is the Senior Training Representative – North and the Para Dressage Representative. Gillian Brown has been a loyal BD member; she competes her two horses on a regular basis combining dressage with showing. Gillian trained at Etal with Lady Joicey along with other visiting trainers. She has a passion for training and organises regular Regional Training in the North of the region and she is one of the most Northerly members in the Northern Region
Fiona Lowrey 07790 289442 Fiona is the Senior Training Representative and has been involved with horses most of her life, competing in showing,hunter trials and riding club activities and has previously been a riding club committee member. Based in the north of the region near Newcastle on Tyne, she is working to develop training opportunities in the north of the region. 
Lucinda Bird  07846 893109 As Marketing Representative Lucinda is responsible for making sure everyone is aware of what British Dressage has to offer in the Northern Region. She competes in British Dressage from Prelim to Advanced, is a UKCC level 2 and a BD List 5 Judge. She has a passion to deliver the ethos of the BD Northern Region to all and deals with publishing news across multimedia.
Charlotte Wilson 07949 076141 Charlotte is the regions Coaching Representative. Charlotte runs Snainton Riding Centre near Scarborough, North Yorkshire. She recently became a BD List 4 dressage Judge, a UKCC Level 3 British Dressage Accredited Coach and UKCC Level 3 Generic Coach. Charlotte also holds the British Horse society's Instructors certificate (BHSI) She is very keen to develop coaching opportunities within the region.
British Dressage is keen that everyone involved in Dressage has the opportunity to get support, guidance and benefit from quality training to help improve their performance and help them get the most enjoyment from their sport. We hope that engaging in some regional training may help build team spirit, new friendships and help you reach your next dressage goal.
Regional training caters for all levels from those just starting in dressage to those aiming for regional teams, area festivals, regional and national championships.
We try to offer a variety of regional training days however if you have any suggestions please do get in touch with one of the regional committee. We will do our very best to accommodate your request.
Regional training consists of:
Lessons with British Dressage Accredited and Recognised coaches (UKCC level 2 and 3).
Test riding practice with BD listed judges
Lecture demonstrations with International dressage riders
Dressage camps
Judge training
DVD sessions
Goal setting
Rider analysis
Dressage to music clinics
Yard visits 
Social evenings 
The current regional training dates that we have organised are listed on our online booking website (click on the calendar image below) and there are lots more in the pipeline - they will be added on to the online booking website on a regular basis.
Senior Inter Regionals The College, Keysoe 13/14 May 13 April 24 April
BYRDS Inter Regionals, The College Keysoe 1/2 July 15 May 2 June
BYRDS Home International RockRose, Scotland 28/30 July 19 June 3 July
Sheepgate U25's Sheegate, Lincolnshire 21-26 August 14 July 24 July
Senior Home International, Mount Ballan, Wales 6-8 October   31 August 11 September


All you need to know about representing your region in team competitions.
Team opportunities for Seniors (over 18 years), BYRDS (6 - 25 years) and Para Dressage riders, there's something for everyone.
Each year there is the fantastic opportunity to not only represent your region but you country! The Senior and BYRDS Inter Regional's are held at the College EC, Keysoe, Bedford in May/June is a grass roots competition. Teams of 4 riders from Prelim - Medium levels are selected. The Home International's for Seniors, BYRDS and Para. Teams of 4 riders from Novice to PSG levels and all grades for the Para Home International. This is your chance to represent England. 
Want to know more?
Each year the Training, Para and BYRDS Committee put together the Regional Selection Policy to ensure a fair and transparent selection process accross all BD Regions. Anyone who is coming forwards for selection should read the policy and become familiar with it. If you have any questions then do contact your training representative or RDO.
We have put together a Team Fact Sheet  to help you to plan which team competition or competitions you are going to aim for. You should attend 3 regional training days in the 12 months preceding the selection date for each competition. A minimum of 2 regional training days should be mounted. Camps count as 2 regional training days and all the dates listed will count. You can attend regional training in any BD region not just your own. You will also be required to submit a results chart with your best BD scores at the level which you are aiming to be selected. We do take in to consideration past form at major events from time to time.
BYRDS riders are also required to complete the Competitors Certificate as part of the selection process. Assessment days will take place at BYRDS camps and participants will be given an assessment paper and certificate on completion.
The team competitions are fun, a great way to make new friends and of course enjoy a weekend away with your horse.
We look forward to welcoming you to our teams.
If you’re between 6 and 25 years old, British Dressage (also known as BD) has a group just for you – BYRDS or its full name, British Young Riders Dressage Scheme. What can be better than meeting people your own age who share the same interests as you and live in the very purptastic BD Northern Region! We tailor our regional sessions to help you develop as a rider, understand the requirements to perform in the dressage arena and most of all have fun with your horse, pony and friends! So, whether it's getting perfect halt, practicing your test riding or working on your lateral work - our training sessions help you to become the best rider you can be. Participants in BYRDS regional training can request to ride through the BYRDS Rider Test and scores can be used for the 2017 BYRDS Inter Regional Team Selection.
If you are unsure as to which squad test you should be riding please contact Nicky Sanderson the regions BYRDS representative. Nicky is a volunteer who oversees BYRDS Regional Training, Camps, Competitions and Teams. She is very knowledgeable and is always happy to help our BYRDS riders progress whatever their level. If you have any questions about BYRDS then do give Nicky a call, she will be happy to help :)
Nicky Sanderson: 07738 461658
BYRDS Rider Tests If you are new to BYRDS or want to develop through the Squads we have put together an information sheet for you to understand how the riders are assessed, how the tests are judged, how the tests are marked and what the coach/assessors is looking for at each level.
Click here for a basic poster on the BYRDS squad tests
Click here for detailed information on the BYRDS Squads and rider tests
We offer a variety of regional training and events for BYRDS Club and Full BD members which can be viewed on our online booking website:
BYRDS Club Membership
All those who wish to attend any BYRDS training need to be a member of BD.  If you are not currently a member then you need to become a BYRDS club member which costs £25.  For this you can attend all our training at the same cost as a member, compete in prelim affiliated classes including qualifiers and also team quest, you are also covered by the BD insurance, legal helpline and have access to BD website and on line magazine.  At the moment you have to download an application form from the website and then post into BD but when the new website it up and running they will be able to do it on line. 
You are allowed one training session as a non-member before they have to “join BYRDS Club”.
Open to BD Para Dressage members and RDA members
Regional Para Dressage Training is open to Members and Non Members who are keen to develop their dressage skills. We have a variety of training days from private lessons, test riding and forums conducted by BD Para Coaches and we have even had Paralympic riders & horses! 
Regional training is a great way for those wanting to find out more about the opportunities for Para Dressage riders including the chance to represent the region & England at the Para Home International at Vale View, Leicestershire.  The region is also very lucky to host the BD Para Dressage Winter Championships at Vale View along with an International Para Dressage competition at Bishop Burton College.
As part of the 2013-2017 Excel funding from the National Lottery through Sport England, British Dressage (BD) and the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) have developed a new initiative, aunched in 2014 - the Para-Dressage Intro Competition.
Aimed at helping riders to 'bridge the gap' between riding with their local Riding for the Disabled centre and British Dressage competitions, the new competition - which is open to all ages, is also available to riders who do not currently have a full membership with British Dressage.
BEF Para-Equestrian Entry Programme
This training initiative, supported by funding from Sport England, offers up to 2 training days a year in five England regions and is taken by top International coaches. The aim of this initiative is to encourage young riders to make the next steps towards competing in British Dressage (BD) Para-Equestrian competitions and entry onto the talent pathway. This programme assists these riders to move onto the more advanced talent pathway schemes leading to the BEF Excel Talent Programme. These regional training sessions take place in RDA centres listed below that are able to host the training days and offers an opportunity for riders from their own group and local groups to ride on these training days.
To be eligible to apply to ride on these days riders must:
• Hold a National classification within the  Grades I – IV and be eligible to compete in British Dressage Para-Equestrian competition*
• Be currently scoring 60% or above in their relevant grade at RDA qualifiers for the RDA National Championships
Your application will be accepted within one of the following age groups:
Group 1 - Riders between 10-14yrs
Group 2 - Riders between 15-20yrs
Group 3 - Riders 21 yrs and above
The limited places available at each training day will mean that rider places will be allocated across the age groups as appropriate.
Applications will be accepted throughout the course of the 2 year programme. Riders who wish to be considered for a place on a regional training day should download the application form below and complete as requested. This should then be posted to: Georgie Wheeler, British Equestrian Federation, Abbey Park, Stareton, Warwickshire, CV8 2RH
Your application will then go on to our training database and once we have enough riders in a region to offer a training day, you will be notified by email of a date and venue.
BEF Para-Equestrian Entry Programme Contact: Georgie Wheeler
T: 02476 698904
*Riders with Learning Disabilities:
Currently under Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) rules, a rider with intellectual disabilities, who does not have a physical classification, is covered under Profile 39 of the Classification Guide (applicable to Grade III). This profile remains inactive at present so riders in Profile 39 are currently not eligible to compete in Para-Equestrian competition run under BD & FEI rules. This policy will reviewed in line with any future decisions made by the FEI.
Participating RDA Centres offering BEF Regional Training
Open to BD Listed Judges, Trainee Judges, Unaffiliated Judges and riders Regional judge training is conducted in a variety of way's, from DVD evenings, study groups at BD competitions, regional seminars and judge practice sessions. Sessions are mainly open to all however at times they may only be open to specific BD Listed Judges. Training is conducted by a wide variety of Trainer Judges however the goal is to inform, educate and develop consistency.
If you are currently aiming to upgrade or you are planning to upgrade in 2017 please do contact either myself or the regions Judges Representative Gwyneth Lewis or Sandra Smith. They will be very happy to help you and offer support or guidance in the process. We could help with sourcing venues/classes for practice judging, help with paper work and exam preparation, deal with your queries?
Development of dressage coaching skills and techniques. Regional training is organised for those interested in developing their coaching skills specifically in Dressage. There are a variety of coaching days organised from DVD sessions, workshops, and technical days to practical days. They are also an ideal opportunity to network with fellow coaches. There are also a number of UKCC courses, National Convention, Trainers Forum and Principle Seminars organised by BD Head Office.
As part of a national initiative to standardise and benchmark the quality of sports coaching in the UK, the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) has been introduced, and will ultimately be tailored to meet the needs of all sports.
Equestrian, including dressage, is in the first set of 21 priority sports to be putting the UKCC into practice. The aim is for the UKCC to be recognised as a mark of safe, quality coaching, as well as providing a clear, structured path for personal improvement for coaches.
The UKCC has a general framework of four levels of coach. 
Level 1 is for assistant coaches and is generic for the different equestrian disciplines.
Levels 2 and 3 are dressage specific coaching qualifications, Level 2 being for people delivering a coaching session alone and Level 3 for coaches delivering an annual development programme.
Level 4 is a post graduate diploma run through the BEF 
If you think a UKCC qualification could help further your career as a coach, here’s how to find out more:
UKCC Level 2
The UKCC Level 2 is now a dressage specific coaching qualification.
The UKCC Level 2 qualification is a good way to start enhancing your coaching skills, it consists of 4 workshop days, and a further assessment day.
As part of the course you will need to complete a portfolio which involves coaching riders. This needs to be completed and submitted on the assessment day. 
• To be listed on the British Dressage Trainers Database 
• To have trained at least 2 clients at affiliated dressage
• Registered with EQL 
UKCC Level 3 
Fully autonomous (independent) coach; role model at County/Regional level. Can plan, deliver, analyse and review annual programmes of rider development. 
For level 3 you will need to submit a portfolio that will show evidence that you can:
Performance Profile two riders at Advanced Medium level
Complete Learning Style Questionnaires for two riders
Goal Set for Riders
Prepare an Annual Plan for Two Riders
Produce 8 x Linked Session Plans
Produce Risk Assessments
Show in a practical assessment that you can:-
Assess and analyse the way of Going of Horses
Use Appropriate Delivery Style
Manage a Safe Coaching Environment
Show Knowledge of Training Horses and Riders to Advanced Medium Level
Prepare a Rider for Competition at Advanced Medium Level
Improve Riders Performance
Give Feedback to Riders on their Performance
For more info, please contact Katy Evans via on 0247 669 8833 
2017 course dates and locations:
Level 3 –Vale View, Leicestershire
Workshop 1 Tuesday 17 January
Workshop 2 Monday 13 February
Workshop 3 Monday 6 March
Workshop 4 Tuesday 4 April
Workshop 5 Monday 8 May
Workshop 6 Tuesday 6 June
Workshop 7 Monday 3 July
Assessment Tuesday 25 July
Level 2 -Myerscough College, Lancashire
Workshop 1 Tuesday 4 April
Workshop 2 Wednesday 3 May
Workshop 3 Wednesday 14 June
Workshop 4 Wednesday 5 July
Assessment Tuesday 11 July

Level 2-Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire
Workshop 1 Tuesday 30 May
Workshop 2 Tuesday 27 June
Workshop 3 Thursday 20 July
Workshop 4 Wednesday 16 August
Assessment Wednesday 30 August

 Click here for our map of all British Dressage competition venues including BD, Team Quest and My Quest