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Consultation & feedback

Help us keep our standards high

We value your feedback and need your help to keep our competition standards high.  Feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or observations you have on 

Problems with venues
If you have any concerns about a venue, such as poor organisation, dangerous surfaces or health and safety, please download a dressage show report form and send it to your local Regional Development Officer (RDO).

Please click here to view BD's minimum criteria for running affiliated competitions.

We will keep your name confidential if we can. If we investigate a complaint about your entry, for example, this would be impossible. In most cases your RDO will visit the show, put things straight if possible and report back.

Horse welfare
If you have any concerns about how a horse is being treated at a competition, please contact Head of Sports Operations, Lou Jones by email or call 02476 698827 for a complaint form.

We need as much information as possible about the incident: the time, place, names, etc, as well as names of any other witnesses. Please also inform the steward, organiser or senior judge at the show and let us know whether the horse has been marked in any way.

The chief executive and the disciplinary sub-committee will deal with the problem and you may be asked to give evidence if a decision is taken to prosecute.

If you are not happy with the way you have been judged, please let us know in writing, preferably with your score sheet enclosed and a video of the test if this is available. Send this to Angela Green at British Dressage, Building 2020, Copse Drive, Meriden Business Park, Meriden, West Midlands CV5 9RG.

Your comments will be passed on to the judges complaints committee for further investigation. If the committee feels you have a case, they will inform the judge in question that a complaint has been made against them and will work together to resolve the issue.