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Important notice to sellers:

Unfortunately advertising relatively high value items online such as horses and equipment can occasionally attract attention from the wrong sort of buyers. These people have no interest in your horse or item and are simply looking to trick you out of money. Fortunately the scams usually follow a set pattern and are easy to spot if you are vigilant.

Typically the contact will, after an initial phase of feigned interest, agree to buy the item and offer to pay for it with a cheque of a much higher value than the advertisied price using various excuses. They will ask to have most of the difference paid back in cash at time of collection, supposedly leaving the rest to the victim as a reward for their flexibility and inconvenience. The collection will be arranged soon after the money will be made available in the victim's bank account. The victim may not realise that having the funds available is different from having the cheque cleared, and therefore will happily agree to the terms. The actual cheque clearing process can take weeks, after which the bank will claim the whole sum back because the cheque is fake.

The emails of interest are typically written in poor English and tend to come from free email accounts such as yahoo and hotmail. The police are aware of these scams and say there is little or nothing they can do about them and simply suggest that advertisers be vigilant and ignore any contact that does not appear to be genuine. Remember that the vast majority of buyers are legitimate but if pays to be informed.

Please find below some example correspondence for your information.

Example first contact email:
I saw your advert and i am interested in buying the ( Welsh Cob Mare ) so plz get back to me with the present pisc and also get back to me with the selling price.
Many Thanks...

Example follow up email:
Hello Anne,
i am okay with the present pics and its really my taste.Asfor the payment i will ask my Bussines Accosociate to issue a Certified Uk Bank Draft of £7,500 and once you get the cheque you are to get The Cheque deposited into your bank account and once it clears you deduct the cost of the Welsh Cob Mare which is £2000 you deduct £200 am willing to give you for your efforts and removing the advert off post.You are to help me wire the balance inform of a cash via western union the same day you the cheque clear your bank to my shipper and in just 2 or 3 days after,my shipping agent will come down to your location for the pick-up right thre at your location.
Pls i will need the following full datas from you.

Name....(to be on the cheque)
Full Address.....
Postal Code....
Telephone number...(Cell,Office,Home,)

Pls i will really be glad if you could get the balance wired the same day the cheque clears your account cos am highly sure that once my shipper get the balance from you is going to come down to your location in just 2 or 3 days after for the pick-up.
Thanks soo much and i look up to your email today.