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Area Festivals


Petplan Equine Area Festivals are the perfect target for many BD riders looking to have a taste of the big time at a Championship–feel event. 24 first round Area Festivals will be held all over the UK from May to September 2018 with the top ten combinations from each section going on to one of the eight Area Festival Semi Finals, taking place in September and October 2018, from Prelim to Inter II level.

Read our handy How to qualify guide for the full lowdown. 


You can qualify from 1 October up until the closing date of the First Round Petplan Equine Area Festival you want to enter.


Prelim to Medium levels will now feature a special section for Under 21 riders (up until the end of the year of their 21st birthday). To qualify for an Under 21 section scores may be gained in the Bronze or Silver section or a combination of both. 


You can ride in Prelim Bronze sections to get your scores for an Area Festival as a Club member on a Club horse. If you do qualify for a Petplan Equine Area Festival, you and your horse will need to become fully registered with BD to take part.

For Prelim Silver and Novice level and above both you and your horse need to be fully registered to gain your scores.

What scores are required to qualify for an Area Festival?

Level/Section Scores required Offshore Islands
Preliminary to Elementary Three affiliated scores at 62% and above  Two scores at 62%
Medium to Inter II Two affiliated scores at 60% and above  One score at 60%

For Silver sections from Prelim to Advanced Medium one score needs to be from a qualifying test. 

Once you have your scores, you’ll get an email from BD to say you might be eligible to go to a Petplan Equine Area Festival. You can qualify for and compete in as many Area Festivals as you wish as long as you have enough qualifying sheets.

You can choose any one of our 2018 first round dates: 

 Rockrose  East Lothian

 11 - 13 May

 Arena UK  Lincolnshire  19 - 20 May
 Kingswood  West Mids  1 - 3 June
 Moreton    Dorset  2 - 3 June
 Pachesham  Surrey  9 - 11 June
 Alnwick Ford  Northumberland  16 - 17 June
 Tushingham  Cheshire  16 - 17 June 
 Brook Farm  Essex  29 June - 1 July
 Allens Hill  Worcestershire  29 June - 2 July
 Aintree  Merseyside  4 - 8 July
 Crofton Manor  Hampshire  6 - 8 July
 Moreton Morrell  Warwickshire  19 - 22 July
 Myerscough  Lancashire  26 - 29 July
 Wellington  Hampshire  3 - 5 Aug
 Sheepgate  Lincolnshire  4 - 5 Aug
 Duchy College  Cornwall  10 - 12 Aug
 Chester Hall Events  Kent   11 - 13 Aug
 Beacons  Carmarthenshire  11 - 12 Aug
 Northallerton  North Yorkshire  17 - 19 Aug
 Keysoe  Bedfordshire  18 - 20 Aug
 Hartpury  Gloucestershire  24 - 27 Aug
 The Cabin  Aberdeenshire  26 - 27 Aug
 Jersey  Jersey  1 - 2 Sept
 Sparsholt  Hampshire  30 Aug - 2 Sept

Finished in the top ten of your Area Festival section at Prelim to Advanced Medium? Or the top five at PSG to Inter II? You may have qualified for an Area Festival Final provided that you achieved the qualifying percentage of 62% for Prelim to Elementary or 60% for Medium to Inter II.

Widmer Buckinghamshire 19 - 23 Sep
Codham Park Essex 14 - 16 Sep
Bicton Arena Devon

26 - 28 Sep

Fieldhouse Staffordshire 27 - 30 Sep
Oldencraig Surrey 5 - 7 Oct
Manor Grange Yorkshire 19 - 21 Oct
Morris Ayrshire 12 - 14 Oct
Beacons EC Carmarthenshire 27 - 30 Oct

Good luck!

Area Festival Championships

Combinations will qualify from the Area Festival Semi Finals on a proportional basis and will be invited to compete at the Area Festival Championships at Hartpury College, Glos. in 2019. 

Visit the Area Festival sponsors Petplan Equine for great insurance cover for you horse.  And visit their dedicated Petplan Equine Area Festival web pages for further information.