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Bronze Championships

Complementing the Area Festivals and Quest Championships, the Bronze Championships provides an additional opportunity for our Bronze combinations to qualify, compete and experience a summer championship.

What levels can I compete at?
Combinations can qualify for the Championships in the Bronze section at the following levels:

>  Prelim
>  Novice
>  Elementary
>  Medium
>  Advanced Medium

How do I qualify?
Qualification is from 1 December 2018 to 16 June 2019 with combinations competing in regular BD competitions. A combination’s points from their five best scores achieved during the qualification period will be displayed on national league tables, one table per level with the top 30 from each qualifying through to the Championships.

Points will be allocated according to the percentages gained (as per the Members’ Handbook), e.g. 60.34% = 1 point, 67.62% = 4 points.

A minimum number of two scores and a maximum of five scores will count. Combinations can continue to compete to improve their scores during the qualification period and the league table will be refreshed regularly to reflect this. In the event that there is a tie at any level, the highest average of a combination’s best five marks will be used.

Can I compete at different levels?
Combinations may qualify at no more than two consecutive levels. To qualify, the combination must be eligible for the Bronze section at their chosen level, please check the 2019 Members’ Handbook to ensure your eligibility.

How do I know when I have qualified?
Once the qualification period has ended, those that have qualified will receive an email invitation to the Championships. If a combination cannot attend the Championships for whatever reason, they must inform the office as soon as possible as qualification will move to the next eligible combination.

Please note the Bronze leaderboards can now be found on the leaderboard page of the website under 'Results & Rankings'. You will only be listed on the leaderboard once you have gained at least two bronze scores at a level as a combination at any regular BD competition. You will be allocated points for your five best percentages within the qualification period.

What will happen at the Championships?
To attend the Championships, the rider must be a Full member and horse must be Fully registered. There will be awards for the highest placed Youth and Para rider at all levels

The Bronze Championships will be hosted at Sheepgate Equestrian on 3- 4 August. The competition will run over two rounds, one round one two consecutive days. The combination achieving the highest combined percentage at each level over the two days will be crowned Bronze Champion for that level.