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How to compete internationally

How to get started

The Senior Selectors are Judy Harvey, David Trott and Jenny Ward. They're responsible for deciding who goes to which international competitions.

CDI/CDIO Selection Policy 2019
To view the 2019 CDI/CDIO Selection policy follow this link

When starting out on the international competition scene, it is a good idea to begin either on home turf (Hartpury, Hickstead or Keysoe) or at a foreign competition such as the Spansh Sunshine Tour or the French Tour, as these organisers allow you to ride in the Small Tour without having a Big Tour horse.

If you are interested in competing in any international competitions (CDIs) please contact Lianne who will be happy to help you (tel: 02476 698835).

FEI Senior European Championship Selection Policy 2019
To view the 2019 Equestrian Team GBR FEI European Championship selection policy follow this link.
Note: updated 24 July. 
To view the 2019 Equestrian Team GBR FEI European Selection Appeals document, follow this link.

FEI World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses 
To view the 2019 FEI World Breeding Championships selection policy follow this link.

FEI u25 European Championship Selection Policy 2019
To view the 2019 FEI u25 European Championship selection policy follow this link.

FEI Riders Licenses, FEI Horse Passports & WADA
All international dressage competitions are run under FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) rules. All riders and horses competing at an international show need to be registered with the FEI, which costs £20 per horse/rider annually. (FEI general regulations Article 113 – registration of Athletes & Horses) Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you and your horses are currently registered with the FEI. FEI registration forms are available from Lianne (Tel: 024 7669 8835).

To check is a horse is registered with the FEI please click here

To check if a rider is registered with the FEI please click here

If your horse is competing in a CDI you are required to have an FEI recognition card (FEI passport). If your horse has a national passport, we will give it an FEI cover, which costs £210. FEI recognition is valid for four years. Please let the office know at least two months before you are due to go abroad to allow enough time for the paperwork to be processed. Please click here for the FEI recognition form.

Please be aware that those with FEI riders licences will need to have therapeutic use exemption forms and / or declaration of use forms before they compete whilst taking a prohibited substance. In order for riders to check the status of a substance, the Global Drug Reference Online website should be referred to. We advise athletes to print a record of their searches. In addition WADA have published their list of prohibited substances.

Horses are now required by DEFRA to have ‘Section IX’ in the passport, if the horse’s passport doesn’t include Section IX, it will need to be updated. Section IX includes a declaration stating whether or not the horse is intended for human consumption. This will be checked when your passport is issued and updated if required.

Riders living abroad
If you are a British rider living abroad and wish to compete in national competitions in your country of residence, you need to apply for permission from BD and be a current full competing member. You will need to apply in writing and you will receive a signed and stamped paper, which you need to take with you to shows. There is no charge for this.

If you are living abroad, would like to compete in international competitions and have not been seen by any of the selectors, you need to send a letter with a list of your results as well as a video of you and your horse to BD.

Please bear in mind you always need permission from your National Federation in order to compete abroad even if you have a private invitation from a show organiser or are competing nationally.

For further information about these classes please contact Lianne Martin in the International department at BD on tel: 02476 698835 or send her an email.