Podium Potential Pathway

Seeking to identify, support and develop athletes who demonstrate performance to progress to podium potential.

Youth - Lewis carrier

Supported by UK Sport and Sport England, this exciting pathway provides education to develop foundation skills for successful future performance. Via a series of performance camps ran over two years, the programme provides elected riders with access to top equestrian specialists including international coaches, HSSM (Physiotherapists and psychologists) and ESSM (farriers, saddlers, vets) practitioners.

For those athletes within Podium Potential Pathway who achieve the top level performance standard, they may be eligible for an Athlete Performance Award from UK Sport, which gives them access to the wider programme support available, as received through Podium Potential squads.

Head of Performance Pathways David Hamer takes you through the World Class programme:

Important note: Rider age groups are based on FEI ruling which is the age the rider becomes in a given year. The calendar age is taken from the beginning of a calendar year that a rider’s age is reached until the end of a calendar year that a rider’s age is reached. For example; a rider who is 15 years may apply for the 16 – 18 year old category if they have their 16th birthday in 2022. A rider who is 18 years old and has their 19th Birthday in 2022 should apply for the 19 – 21 year old age group. This ruling then applies to all age groups.

BEF Podium Potential Pathway contact
Georgie Wheeler
Email: georgie.wheeler@bef.co.uk
Tel: 02476 698904

The riders selected for the current programme are:

Dressage Para Dressage
Alicia Lee Alicia Griffiths
Annabella Pidgley Anna-Mae Cole
Ellen McCarthy Ashleigh-Rose Turner
Holly Kerslake Gabriella Blake
Lewis Carrier Jamie Winduss
Lucy Amy Jemima Green
Maddy Frewin Katie Radzik
Megan Ingham Rachel Collins
Soraya Rogers