Para dressage officiating

Officials in para dressage are vital to the success of our sport.

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Para judges 

If you are a List 3 judge or above you can now become a para judge by following the new for 2019 Para Judge Pathway! As our para community continues to grow, we really do need more para judges to support this growth, and following this pathway could not be simpler. The first step is to register your interest in becoming a Para Judge, by emailing our Para Officer, Natasha Pearce at, who will support you through the pathway.

The pathway consists of the following steps:

  1. Register your interest with our Para Officer
  2. Book a place at an RDA Dressage Judge Training Day
  3. Complete a practice judging session at a major para show
  4. Take the written para exam
  5. Complete a practical exam at a major para show once the written exam has been passed


Para coaches

Any coach can work with Para riders however based on the feedback received in the BEF coaches survey, we identified that some coaches would like further information. We are currently developing some training and resources to help coaches to improve their knowledge and confidence of para dressage and for those currently coaching Para riders it will help to further development their tools to better support their riders. More information will become available soon, please do keep an eye on our social media, newsletter and website for more information.


As an active BD coach, have you thought about broadening your knowledge to enable you to deliver more inclusive activities? If so this module is for you! Activity Alliance have teamed up with UK coaching to deliver the new Inclusive activity programme eLearning module.


Para stewards

We are currently developing some training to encourage more of our existing stewards to have the confidence and knowledge to officiate at Para competitions. There will be some more information available shortly, if you would like to know more please do keep an eye on our social media, newsletters and website for more details as they become available.