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Many trainers and riders, from novice level onwards, use their knowledge to progress into a career of judging. They find that it helps their test riding skills as well as their riding generally and ability to teach. Nearly 1600 British Dressage (BD) judges perform this vital voluntary role. This includes over 600 trainee judges and a keen trainee takes an average of six to eight months to become a listed judge.

The lists range from six to one. As a list 6 judge, you can judge preliminary competitions and this increases to list 1, where the most experienced are able to judge grand prix tests at championships. To remain listed, you have to attend training sessions and to upgrade your listing you need to demonstrate further experience, which includes passing an exam paper and a practical testing day. Judging underpins our sport. It is voluntary but nevertheless demands great commitment and integrity because it commands so much responsibility. You have to remember that it influences people wherever they are in their training. It is not something to be taken lightly.”
- Andrew Gardner, FEI 5* Judge and List 1 BD Judge. 

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