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Full competing member (including all overseas members)£90.00
Premier club member£53.00
Club membership£35.00

Other types of membership available include life, company, trial and winter. For details of these, please contact the BD office.

PLEASE NOTE: if you wish to use Direct Debit as a payment method, we're unable to accept an online application. Please download a form.

Joining BD gives you:

  • The chance to compete in affiliated dressage, with over 2,000 days of competition every year
  • The opportunity to gain BD points, to qualify for prestigious championships and Festivals
  • The chance to train and qualify as a nationally recognised dressage judge
  • Access to training clinics, demonstrations, yard visits and even camps!

Which type of membership will suit you?

Full - you should become a Full member if you would like to compete your horse, or if you are likely to want to compete someone else's. This membership also allows you to take part in all other BD activities, like training and judging.

Non competing - if you'd like to take part in training clinics, train as a judge or be the registered owner of a dressage horse you could become a non competing member. Both types of membership above get BD magazine, access to the member's pages on the website, third party and public liability insurance. Membership is renewable annually, and if you would like to set up a direct debit to do this please contact the BD office.

Club membership - if you'd like to compete in Quest competitions, Music classes, the Associated Championships, combined training and Prelim Bronze and Gold sections, this is for you.