BD Abroad: Compiègne CDIO5*/CDI3*/CDI2*/CDIYJP

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Thu, 16 May 2019 11:16 GMT

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Compiègne CDIO5*/CDI3*/CDI2*/CDIYJP in France (16 – 19 May 2019).

CDIO5* - Nations Cup
Richard Davison from Staffordshire with Gwendolyn Sontheim’s Bubblingh (bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Lingh ds. Picandt).
Charlotte Fry from North Yorkshire but based in the Netherlands, with her own and Anne Van Olst’s Dark Legend V (dark bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Zucchero ds. Tango).
Carl Hester from Gloucestershire with his own, Lady Anne Evans and Ann Cory's Hawtins Delicato (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Diamond Hit) - pictured.
Gareth Hughes from Warwickshire, with Rebecca Hughes’ Classic Briolinca (bay mare, 13yrs, s. Trento B ds. Royal Dance).

CDI3* - Big Tour
Charlotte Fry with Anne Van Olst’s Everdale (black stallion, 10yrs, s. Lord Leatherdale ds. Negro).
Emma Hindle from Greater Manchester with her own Romy Del Sol (brown mare, 13yrs, s. Romanov Blue Hors).
Daniel Watson from Kent with Nicola Naylor’s Amadeus VI (bay gelding, 14yrs, 16.1hh, s. Olivi ds. Sandro Hit).

CDI2* - Small Tour
Katie Bailey with Leslie Forlee’s Boccelli 6 (liver chestnut gelding, 12yrs, s. Belissimo M ds. Riccione).
Jessica Dunn from Lancashire, with Jennifer Whittaker’s Alicante Valley (liver chestnut gelding, 14yrs, s. Caricello).
Charlotte Fry with Van Olst Horses’ Glamourdale (black stallion, 8yrs, s. Lord Leatherdale ds. Negro).

CDIY – Young Riders
Rebecca Bell from Oxfordshire with Caroline Bell’s Nibeley Union Hit (bay mare, 12yrs, s. Nibeley Union Jack ds. Sandro Hit).
Rebecca Swain from Surrey with her own Bon Jovi (chestnut gelding, 13yrs, s. UB40 ds. Ramdra).

CDIJ – Juniors
Jessica McConkey from Oxfordshire, with her own Lady Gaga II (dark bay mare, 10yrs, s. Quaterback).

CDIP – Ponies
Lily Laughton from Wiltshire with Alicia Laughton’s Steendieks Cadillac (chestnut gelding, 14.2hh, 8yrs, s. FS Chambertin).
Annabella Pidgley from Berkshire with Sarah Pidgley’s Cognac IX (palomino gelding, 11yrs, s. FS Chambertin ds. Waldemar) and Sarah Pidgley’s Ine (chestnut mare, 12yrs, s. Constantin ds. Handryk).
Hermione Tottman from Hertfordshire with Nicola Tottman’s Brasil (dark bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Sandokkans Leonardo ds. Orchard Davranches).