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The Eilbergs clear up at Addington EC

last updated on January 23, 2012 15:58

The Eilbergs clear up at Addington EC

The Eilberg siblings made a flying start to the year as they totalled seven wins at the Addington Manor EC High Profile Show, 20-22 January.

Michael was on great form with five plus 70% wins from medium to grand prix level. With his father’s twelve year old Corland bred gelding Torino, Michael stole the show in the Friday and Saturday prix st georges classes with 71.674% and 73.377% respectively.

In only their second outing at grand prix level Michael and Julie Deverill’s Dimaggio mare Half Moon Delphi set a new GP personal best with 73.085%. Michael added a fifth win to his tally with 73.514% in the medium, riding Delphi’s eight year old half sister Half Moon Dynasty (Dimaggio x Leandra).

Maria had to settle for second in the Saturday PSG, scoring a marginal .965% below her brother. But more than made up for it with two intermediate I level wins over the weekend. In the Friday competition, it was Lynne Crowden’s ten year old Rotspon stallion Woodlander Rockstar who helped Maria to the top spot on 71.140%. On Saturday Maria and Camilla Anderson’s Jazz gelding U-Rockstar made their first start at the level, taking home a win on 69.518%.

West Sussex riders Sarah Millis and Andrew Gould made their trip to Addington worthwhile with two wins apiece. Sarah and Katja Kuistila’s Australian import HP Frontier (Falkrich) have been out together on the British circuit since June 2011, and improved on previous scores with a 68.889% win in the grand prix special. Having lost the top spot to Andrew Gould and Cortaflex Varisto in the Friday advanced medium, Sarah and her own eight year old gelding Furst Rubin (Furst Piccolo) came back in full force on Sunday and won the advanced medium with 72.703%.

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