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Timetable released for the BYRDS Symposium

last updated on February 25, 2016 10:05

Timetable released for the BYRDS Symposium

We’re getting closer to the launch of the first ever BYRDS Symposium and, with the final touches being made, we’re excited to release the timetable of events – it’s going to be a showstopper!

Held at Reaseheath College, Cheshire on Saturday 19 March 2016 and kindly supported by Ashbrook Equine Hospital, the programme boasts an interactive day, jam-packed with practical demonstrations and enlightening seminars to get the audience involved and inspired.

Be a part of history and buy your tickets today, priced at £20 for members or £25 for non-members from the BD Shop.

Purchasing the dressage horse/pony – what to look for and avoid
Finding your equine partner can often be a daunting and worrying task. However Vet Kerry Comb and UKCC level 3 coach Janet Horswill will be discussing and demonstrating critical aspects and features from conformation to movement to look/watch out for when searching for your new horse.

Sport psychology for parents/guardians
Keeping it all real – creating a positive performance environment
Drawing on 15 years’ of experience as an applied sport psychologist working with equestrian performers, Dr Moira Lafferty will discuss how parents can create and maintain a positive performance environment, whilst avoiding some of the common pitfalls. This workshop is a must for all parents who want to help their young equestrian athlete maximise performance.

Sport psychology for riders
Controlling the performance environment
Moira will be sharing the benefits of using sports psychology and passing tips and techniques on how equestrian athletes can maximise their performance through managing their environment.

Equestrian athlete development
Physiotherapist Katie Copeland will be focusing on the pelvic anatomy and, using practical demonstrations and activities, will give the audience exercises to take home and help improve a rider’s position, alignment and effectiveness.

Equine physiotherapy
Pole work and exercises, improving the core stability of the dressage horse
Equine physiotherapist Rachel Greetham will be discussing and demonstrating a range of exercises – including pole work – that can be incorporated into your training to help improve your horse’s core stability.

Equine physiotherapy
Injury prevention and the dressage horse

Avoiding injury is a hot topic when owning horses in general, it’s not just specific to dressage. In this session, Rachel will be explaining some great ways to aid injury prevention, giving a host of practical advice to help you develop your own management plan.

Foot balance for performance in the dressage horse
Team farrier for the British Paralympic dressage team, Ian Hughes, will show and explain how you can work with your farrier to maximise performance.

Putting it all together – gaining the winning percentage
Using test riding, list 1 judge and group 1 rider, Harry Payne will take you through what the judge is looking for and how to ride for maximum marks