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Petplan Equine Area Festivals: Wild cards

last updated on March 08, 2016 10:54

Petplan Equine Area Festivals: Wild cards

In consultation with the entries secretary, the following combinations have been given a wild card entry for this year's Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships 06 - 10 April 2016.

Qualification packs have been sent out via email to the rider of the horse.  PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for wild cards is Wednesday 09 March 2016 and no late entries will be accepted.

Please contact the office immediately if you will not be attending the Area Festival Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination. Please email Charlene Bryant or phone 02476 698846/02477 087803.

Leah Johnson with Portphillip Ballybane Star, 71.52%
India Edwards with Spirit of the Dance II, 71.06%
Jade McMahon with Oakport Newtown, 71.06%
Lynda Cochrane with Brynfa Razzel Dazzel, 70.68%
David Parker with Rebaissan Z, 70.61%
Tiffany Ogden with Minstrel Barney, 70.30%
Emma Doyle with Eslunora, 69.85%
Nydia Chandler with Goldies Indiana, 69.85%
Sally Lockyer with Darcys Law, 69.85%
Loretta Cruickshank, Unicot L, 69.70%

Novice Restricted
Kimberley Heginbotham with Machno Bond, 70.38%
Rebethan Lord with Bracken IV, 70.22%
Nicola Hill with Ravenswing, 69.84%
Amanda Mills with Bailkaline, 69.46%
Lauries Ibbotson with Torontos Muza, 69.35%

Novice Open
Ann Clegg with Danny Boy VII, 69.68%
Anna Jordon with Lackmore Galaxy, 69.46%
Sophie Bennett with Vallon Du Rock, 68.98%
Josie Moore with Free Spirit, 68.93%
Charlotte Thomas with Zachary, 68.82%
Jackie Willson with Delhurens sunshine, 68.71%
Lizzie Drury with Federer, 68.62%
Judy Douglas-Miller with Cantos, 68.49%
Robert Hulbert with Dream Maker III, 68.44%

Elementary Restricted
Josie Moore with Free Spirit, 69.57%
Nicola Roach with Cleo's Pride, 69.25%
Alice Begg with Gluckauf, 69.14%

Elementary Open
Rob Hulbert with Godington Trinidad, 67.01%
Lynne Walkling with Ben III, 66.84%
Tracy Young with Loyalty, 66.78%
Alexandra Hamilton with Halfdan Valiant, 66.67%
Sue Brougham with Smart Fellow II, 66.55%
Hannah Gilbert with Holme Park Si Reis, 66.38%
Kirsty Buckwell with Non Dubitio, 66.38%
Chantelle Symonds with Stadmorslows Coffee n Cream, 65.86%
Emma Dunkley with Alfstead, 65.86%
Nina Boex with Bastien Flamingo, 65.86%

Medium Restricted
Stephanie Neild with Gold Dust X, 67.53%
Catherine Owen with Derrycons Della Mor, 67.27%
Claire Hinchiffle with Cascento, 67.12%
Laura Wright with Carbon Copy, 67.07%
Wendy Hudson with Donna Ravallino, 67.07%
Claire Davies with Deliana R, 67.07%

Medium Open
Teresa Edmonds with Springpond Diamond Spice, 67.78%
Kelly Lainsbury with Wold Konig, 67.68%
Maria Pook with Perriland Politician, 67.58%
Debbie Randall with Riverman, 67.58%

Advanced Medium Restricted
Alice Collins with Faconnable, 66.72%
Olivia Ayrton with Donni Doo, 66.62%
Debbie Hill with Penstrumbly Abergwaun, 66.57%
Vikki Felton with Bad Boy's Naomi Nora, 66.57%
Tessa Seed with Titan, 66.32%
Suzanna Hext with Amo, 66.23%
Nicole Turner with Galileo Figaro, 66.08%
Hayley Liddiard with Don Karibia, 66.07%

Advanced Medium Open
Georgina Whales with Villenerve, 66.13%
Nicky Smith with Crackenthorpe Kinsman, 66.08%
Joanne Hampton with Prisco II, 65.96%
Hannah Doggett with Samara Fly, 65.93%
Harriet Woodcock with Le Vivaldi, 65.93%
Rosie Andrews with Tango V, 65.78%
Sammy Page with Ronaldo IV, 65.69%
Sarah Collins with Armons Fantasia, 65.59%
Paula Cooke with Longacre Clorde, 65.59%

Prix St Georges
Harriette Williams with Hattrick Magic, 65.48%
Louise Clark with Feiner Pino, 65.35%
Carole Stewart with Zidyllic-s, 65.22%
Sarah Wrigley with Don Ramino, 65.09%

Intermediate 1
John Chubb with Ruby Rubin, 66.54%
Naomi Phillips with Hey Arnold, 66.40%
Sally Thorndale with Vladimir II, 66.23%