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NAF Five Star Championships: Wild Card UPDATE

last updated on March 08, 2016 12:33

NAF Five Star Championships: Wild Card UPDATE

BD can announce the updated list of combinations to receive a wild card for this year's NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships (6-10 April).

Please contact the office immediately if you will not be attending the Winter Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination.

PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for wild cards is 9 March 2016

NO late entries will be accepted

All Championship packs will be emailed to the rider of the horse and will need printing off and retuning to the show secretary.

KBIS Preliminary
Tracy Fall with Mount Pleasant San Lorenzo, 71.73%
Georgie Peacock with Show Motion, 71.15%
Maire Watson with Lescadeur, 71.03%
Camilla Ibison with Calcourt Romancier, 70.96%
Jacqueline Armitage with Denmoor Roxborough, 70.77%

Blue Chip Novice Restricted
Shayne Mathieson with Cue Tip, 70.75%
Jennifer Harris with Fire in the Sky, 69.89%
Caroline Baker with Zilver Actro, 69.71%
Daisy Douglass with Saco W, 69.25%
Lisa Clarke Spence with Jessica's Law, 69.20%
Mallory Gibbons with Sraghmore Misty, 69.14%

Blue Chip Novice Open
Jennifer Martell with Giovanni B, 72.93%
Cornelia O'Mahony with Formidable, 72.82%
Laura Wollen with Woodcroft Francisco, 72.24%
Toby Hewlett with Showdance, 71.90%
Sharon Hunt with Loughnatousa Winston, 71.55%
Jessica Wade with Empire H, 71.55%
Sian Turner with Just Dave, 71.15%

Shadow Horse Elementary Restricted
Hayley Critchel with Febe, 71.20%
Dylan Deutrom with Balance, 70.63%
Lucy Pye with Frumma, 70.42%
Diane Wilson with Columbus P, 70.21%
Sam Holland with Double Check, 69.79%
Eva Carse with Der Wellbeloved, 69.79%

Shadow Horse Elementary Open
Laura Summers with Extasia, 71.98%
Rob Waine with Bambam, 71.46%
Shaun Mandy with Euphoria E, 71.20%
Jade Struthers with Bossinova, 70.99%
Joe Bright with Hazelhope Really Bling, 70.89%
Helen Lancaster with Socrates Hit, 70.68%
Martin Schleicher with Tom Cruz, 70.68%
Emma Castle with Sir Euroman, 70.57%

Albion Medium Restricted
Lauren Noble with Heartbreak, 68.06%
Elizabeth Mackenzie with Hotlinels, 67.88%
Anna Johannson with Heiligenberg's Pushed Again, 67.79%
Hannah Smith Hilliard with Del-Isla, 67.57%
David Drake with Cillbarra MyBig Boy, 67.30%
Julie Beckwith with Keystone Washington, 67.25%
Sophie Williams with Ferrari, 67.16%
Clare Ashley with Pintofields Regal hit, 67.16%

Albion Medium Open
Sam Rahmatalla with Seagry Sanay, 70.77%
Amy Woodhead with Dafira, 70.72%
Jayne Turney with Cruz III, 70.54%
Matt Frost with Leandro, 70.27%

Charles Owen Advanced Medium Restricted
Caroline Baker with Carina Objection, 68.90%
Bronte Watson with Friedrichshain, 68.25%
Nicola Hodge with Diamond Jack, 67.98%
Nadine Gregory with Candover Dramatico, 67.85%
Holly Bates with Cambridge, 67.54%
Debbie Hill with Penstrumbly Abergwaun, 67.46%
Ali Fernyhough with Chateau, 67.41%
Julie Stacey with Profile, 67.19%

Charles Owen Advanced Medium Open
Matt Frost with AMD Don Havidoff, 71.84%
Abigail Hutton with Don Dino, 71.05%
Leah Beckett with Russki, 70.96%
Amy Woodhead with Sirocco, 70.22%
Claire Abel with Rowan Magic, 70.04%
Ami McLean with Premier Royal Mint, 70.00%
Daniel Timson with Barcarole II, 69.65%
Nicola Mahoney with Dream of Joy, 69.47%

Freestyle to Music Wild Cards

Baileys Horse Feeds Freestyle Novice Restricted
Catherine Lawton with Welton Rodrigo, 72.78%
Carol Alford with Amarna, 72.50%
Georgia Whelen with Tyke That, 71.94%
Thomas O'Brien with Jubiloso LXI, 71.57%
Jessie Harmer with Don Dijamant, 71.30%
Siobhan Henegan with Lulu Eile, 71.11%
Jackie Shearer with Africa II, 70.93%

Baileys Horse Feeds Freestyle Novice Open
Alison Wheelock with Y Matilda, 74.91%
Jezz Palmer with Exito, 73.80%
Craig Millard with Frasisco, 73.33%
Holly Colgate Hardaway with Candover Raindrop, 73.24%
Samantha Smith with Dylano Du Bois, 73.24%
Cara Shardlow with Sandonista with 73.06%
Christine Cockerton with Evaldo, 72.87%
Sheena Grierson with Rewarding Glance, 72.87%

PDS Saddles Freestyle Elementary Restricted
Hannah Deuce with Skikkild's Wince, 72.76%
Lucy Pye with Fiderlight, 72.24%
Hannah Knight with Knights Parnashe, 72.12%
Daisy Lloyd with Showgirl, 70.64%
Eleanor Peek with Touch Of Frost IV, 70.58%
Susan Bullock with Zeneca, 70.19%
Melissa Smart with Simply Dinky, 69.81%
Anne Hallam with Thomas The Rhymer II, 69.68%
Jayne Chapman with Hector III, 69.55%
Maria Brocklesby with Dativ XL, 69.36%

PDS Saddles Freestyle Elementary Open
James Burtwell with Lady Liberty, 74.81%
Sarah Chipman with Hocus Pocus II, 73.27%
Steph Kelly with Inca Gold, 73.27%
James Burtwell with Winkfield Wanda, 72.95%
Kim Young with First Miss Sunrise AS, 72.12%
Jane Critchley with Lothario, 71.41%
Charlotte Springall with Akehurst Ladies Man, 71.41%
Amelia Moncrieff with DST Don’t Panic, 71.35% coll 283

Spillers Freestyle Medium Restricted
Claire Ackerman with Woodcroft Heinrich, 72.72%
Charlotte Gilder with Strathmore Apollo, 71.94%
Anna Johannson with Heiligenberg's Pushed Again, 71.17%
Naomi Holland with Cor Chapin, 71.00%
Caroline Szewczyk with Zandokan, 70.67%
Charlotte Cundall with The Chenko Artist, 70.50%
Rebecca Kingswood with Drees, 69.83%
Toni-Louisa Gormley with Hawtins Fiorenza, 69.83%

Spillers Freestyle Medium Open
Sam Rahmatalla with Seagry Sanay, 73.39%
Bryony Goodwin with Hawtins Werona, 73.17%
Zoe Sleigh with Finero, 72.89%
Charlie Sawyer with Stanbourne Boromir, 72.89%
Leah Beckett with Nirvana Celestial, 71.78%
Tahley Reeve-Smith with Romano's Rafiel, 71.72%
Olivia Sugdon with Cortez , 71.33%
Alice Oppenheimer with Headmore Wimoweh, 71.06%
Joshua Hill with Bewunder, 70.50%

Nupafeed Freestyle Advanced Medium
Elder Klatzko with Woodlander Little Richard, 73.78%
Ruth Hole with Winnetou GEP, 73.00%
Deborah Criddle with LJT Akilles, 72.83%
Jodie Phillipsen with Joy II, 72.78%
Paul Friday with Roman Noir Himself, 72.72%
Owen Cooper with Don Dante, 72.72%
Natasha Widdowson with Gorgeous George IV, 72.50%
Nathalie Kayal with DHI Cleverboy, 72.44%
Claire Abel with Rowan Magic, 72.39%
Jezz Palmer with Zanthoos Himself, 72.33%

Magic Freestyle Prix St Georges
Claire Abel with Rowan Magic, 74.33%
Jacky Stolper with Luciano Pavarotti, 73.33%
Karen Shepherd with Pepperwood Mister Mole, 72.75%
Rachel Skeffington with Keystone Denada, 72.29%
Lesley Peyton-Gilbert with World Exclusive, 71.63%
Tahley Reeve-Smith with Special, 70.83%
Nathalie Kayal with DHI Bravo, 70.63%