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Regional refresh for BD

last updated on March 10, 2016 16:43

 Regional refresh for BD

Spring is in the air, a new clothing range is on the horizon and a change was required, so the British Dressage team has taken the opportunity to refresh the colours of some of its eight regions.

All the regions underwent a re-brand in 2013 with new colours incorporated into the BD logo to give them an identity to be proud of. Three years on, it’s time for a few tweaks. Wales and Scotland remain unchanged and stick with the respective country colours while Northern, North West, Eastern, South West and Southern have all been lightened in tone. The most major change is for the Central region who’ve had a complete makeover; they’ve gone green!

When new Regional Development Officer Laura Aitken took on the Central region in September last year, one of her first aims was a new colour for a new start. Initially, orange was trialled but the final decision has been made to go with a vibrant green which reflects the energy of her region. Laura commented; “These are exciting times for the Central Region and we really feel our new colour embraces what’s ahead. The green we’ve selected is bright, cheerful and definitely makes you feel happy so I’m hoping it’ll inspire our community to great things!”

BD is shortly to unveil its new clothing range in partnership with Bequestrian and the new regional colours will be reflected in a complete range so members in each region can proudly sport their colours. There will also be a dedicated range for those selected to represent their respective regions at the various team events throughout the calendar.

BD’s Chief Executive Jason Brautigam summed up by saying; “Central going green has now given us a ‘regional rainbow’ with an attractive and bright palette of colours to use in our communications and activity throughout the regions. It’s great to see how passionate members are about their regional colours; when I’m out at shows and events it always impresses me how much the regional identities have been embraced. With the launch of our fantastic new clothing range imminent, I have no doubt that our enthusiastic riders in the Central Region will waste no time in getting with the green!”