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BD abroad: Keysoe CDI3* CDIYJP

last updated on April 13, 2016 17:11

BD abroad: Keysoe CDI3* CDIYJP

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at the CDI3* and CDIYJP in Keysoe, Bedfordshire (14 – 17 April 2016).

Carl Hester with Coral Ingham’s Wanadoo (pictured)
Charlotte Dujardin with Anne Seifert-Cohn’s Barolo
Alice Oppenheimer with Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Delegate
Steph Croxford with her own Mr Hyde
Pippa Hutton with her own, Philip Woof and Pammy Hutton’s Duela and Pammy Hutton’s Belmondo III
Daniel Watson with Nicola Naylor’s Amadeus VI
Keith Robertson with his own Boheme AF Sulstead
Henriette Andersen with her own Flavio
Beverley Brightman with her own Walkman BC

Ottilie Bardsley with Sharon Bardsley’s Kingsley Ciske
Megan Barratt with Susan Barratt’s Valido’s Starlight
Charlie Grieve with her own Mandor Van De Groenhelivel
Anna Johannson with her own Heiligenbergs Pushed Again
Pippa Kearns with Claire Kearns’ Hesselteichs Desert Rose
Holly Kerslake with Amber Barton’s Doctor Little
Jessie Kirby with her own Grayswood Orlando
Jessica McConkey with her own Holstein’s Derwisch
Charlotte McDowall with her own BKS Grand Design
Sophie Taylor with Becky Moody’s Madam’s Miss Maria
Maddy Whelan with her own Ode to Shannon
Ollie Booth with his own Classic’s Charmeur
Isobel Lickley with Robert and Nicola Lickley’s Gigolo
Sophie Williams with her own Ferrari
Clare Hole with Sarah Steggall’s Bernwode Broadway

Rebecca Bell with Robert and Susan Fearis’s Waranos
Isobel Berrington with Aimee Witkin’s Bing
Emma Bond with her own Limewalk
Ella Cotterill with her own Sheepcote Casablanca
Charlotte Dicker with Ian Mcrobbie’s Sabatini
Alexandra Hellings with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V
Bethany Horobin with her own Cachet II
Rose Hugh Smith with her own Florentino
Anna Jesty with her own Aquiro
Phoebe Peters with Debbie Brookes’ Denford Surprise
Bethany Shipley with Angela Shipley’s Bravoure

Amber Barton with her own Labiat
Francesca Bradley with Stephanie Bradley’s Baldovino
Rebecca Edwards with Dr Margaret Cox’s Ufano II
Heidi Fellows with her own Prototype
Lily Hewitt with Adam Hewitt’s Sir Charlie Chaplin
Ruth Hole with Dr Rachel Murray’s Winnetou GEP
Gaby Lucas with her own Zante and Salo
Lucy Pincus with David Pincus’s Sheepcote Doncalisto
Robyn Smith with Gail Smith’s Foold Uz
Chloe Vell with her own Kaja Di Valentina
Amy Schiessl with her own Mr Mercury
Joanna Thurman-Baker with Samantha Thurman-Baker’s Highcliffe Apollo
Erin Williams with Clare Williams’ Bolsan B
Harriet Williams with her own Hattrick Magic

Emily Pugh with her own Woodlands Prelude

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