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BD abroad: Hagen CDI4*

last updated on April 19, 2016 16:57

BD abroad: Hagen CDI4*

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Hagen CDI4* in Germany (20 – 24 April 2016).

Big Tour
Hayley Watson-Greaves with her own WG Rubins Nite (pictured)
Alice Oppenheimer with Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Delegate and Headmore Boadicia
Lara Griffith with Dr Bechtolsheimer’s Rubin Al Asad
Laura Tomlinson with Dr Bechtolsheimer’s Rosalie B
Emile Faurie with his own Weekend Fun

Small Tour
Emile Faurie with Emma Blundell’s Mount St John De La Beaute


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