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Lusitano Championships return

last updated on April 27, 2016 14:10

Lusitano Championships return

British Dressage is delighted to announce a second year of the Lusitano Dressage Championships. Riders of Lusitano horses will again have the opportunity to qualify for a dedicated championship final to be held at Keysoe EC in Bedfordshire on Sunday 6 November 2016.

Originating from the Iberian penninsula, and closely related to the PRE horse of Spain, the Lusitano is a Portuguese breed. The Lusitano, with its willing character, talent for collection, and powerful, active gaits constitutes the ideal partner for competitive dressage. These popular, attractive horses continue to prove themselves at the highest levels of the sport.

What levels do they run at?
- Prelim
- Novice
- Elementary
- Medium
- Advanced Medium
- Prix St Georges

Who can compete?
- This is open to existing BD/Quest/BYRDS members or anyone who has never competed BD before who has any horse pure or part bred registered with the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain.
- They are run under BD/Quest rules and combinations must be eligible for the level at which they wish to compete.

What do I need to be a member of to be able to qualify?
- To qualify for Lusitano Horse Championships, riders need to be a minimum of a Quest/BYRDS Club member (£25) on BD Associate registered horse (free of charge). All horses must also be registered with the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain. This allows the combination to compete at Prelim level. Novice and above will require class tickets to compete unless you're a Full BD member. BD will provide two free class tickets to anyone who isn't a Full member who would like to try and qualify.
- For the final, riders need to be a Full member on an Associate registered horse.

How do I qualify?
- Qualification period is between the 1 January 2016 and 30 September 2016.
- A horse and rider combination need to achieve two scores at 60% or above in regular BD or Quest competitions at the level they wish to compete at.
- Horses and riders need to be eligible for the Bronze or Silver section for the level they wish to qualify, in accordance with BD Rules.
- Achieving the two scores gives direct qualification to the championships.

What shows can I get my scores at?
- Scores can be gained in any regular BD affiliated or Quest competition. To see a list of competitions please visit the Fixture List and Schedules section.
- Score sheets from Area Festivals, Regionals, Championships, Quest Regional or National final may not be used towards qualification.

Can I compete at different levels?
- Combinations may compete and qualify at different levels but can only compete in two levels/classes at the final.

How to do I know when I have qualified?
- Once you have achieved your two qualifying scores, you need to log that you are qualified with BD.
- Please send an email to Karen Beaumont or a letter to Karen Beaumont, British Dressage, Meriden Business Park, Copse Drive, Meriden, West Midlands CV5 9RG, stating where and when you achieved your two scores to qualify.
- You'll then receive an invitation to the final after the qualifying period has ended.

When is the final?
- The final takes place on Sunday 6 November 2016 at Keysoe in Bedfordshire.

I still have questions, who should I contact?
Karen Beaumont, British Dressage - email or 02476 698909
Corinne Farinha, Lusitano Breed Society - email