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BD Abroad: Saumur CDI3*

last updated on April 29, 2016 10:13

BD Abroad: Saumur CDI3*

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Saumur CDI3* in France (28 April - 1 May 2016).

CDI3* - Big Tour
Fiona Bigwood with Atterupgaards Orthilia
Michael Eilberg with Ferdi Eilberg’s Marakov (pictured)
Sarah Millis with Katja Kuistila’s Hofjuwel

CDI2* - Small Tour
Michael Eilberg with Elena Knyaginicheva’s Sa Coeur
Natalie Kayal with her own Homerun
Sarah Millis with her own Behroez, and Katja Kuistila’s Fürst Henrik

CDI – Medium Tour
Louise Bell with her own Into the Blue
Michael Eilberg with Julie Deverill’s Half Moon Dynasty
Alex Hardwick with Sally Hardwick’s Royal Chester
Ben Martin with his own Dimaggik

CDI – U25 Grand Prix
Alex Hardwick with Sally Hardwick’s Donauwein
Bobby Hayler with Gill Hayler’s Valentino
Pippa Hutton with Pammy Hutton’s Belmondo, and her own, Philip Woof and Pammy Hutton’s Duela

CDIOY – Young Rider team
Amber Barton with her own Labiat
Lily Hewitt with Adam Hewitt’s Sir Charlie Chaplin
Robyn Smith with Gail Smith’s Foold Uz
Joanna Thurman-Baker with Samantha Thurman-Baker’s Highcliffe Apollo

CDIOJ – Junior team
Rebecca Bell with Robert & Susan Fearis’s Waranos
Ella Cotterill with her own Sheepcote Casablanca
Charlotte Dicker with Ian McRobbie’s Sabatini
Rose Hugh-Smith with her own Florentino

CDIJ – Juniors
Isobel Berrington with Aimee Witkin’s Bing
Alexandra Hellings with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V
Bethany Horobin with her own Cachet

CDIOP – Pony team
Ottilie Bardsley with Sharon Bardsley’s Kingsley Ciske
Anna Johannson with her own Heiligenberg’s Pushed Again
Lara Kuropatwa with Samantha Brown’s Le Chiffre
Sophie Taylor with Becky Moody’s Madam’s Miss Maria

CDIP – Ponies
Lara Kuropatwa with Olivia Kuropatwa’s Mister Snowman
Isobel Lickley with Robert & Nicola Lickley’s Gigolo
Charlotte McDowall with her own BKS Grand Design
Sophie Williams with her own Ferrari

For start lists and results click here 

The action is also being live streamed by Top Iberian TV