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BD Abroad: Compiègne CDI

last updated on May 19, 2016 16:46

BD Abroad: Compiègne CDI

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Compiègne CDI2*/3*/CDIO5*/CDIU25/CDIP/CDIJ/CDIY in France, 19-22 May 2016.

CDIO5* Team
Lara Griffith with Dr Wilfried Bechtolsheimer’s Rubin Al Asad
Laura Tomlinson with Dr Wilfried Bechtolsheimer’s Rosalie B (pictured)
Anna Ross with Jane Sewell’s Die Callas
Hayley Watson-Greaves with WG Rubins Nite

CDI3* Big Tour
Henriette Andersen with Flavio
Carl Hester with his own and Jane de la Mare’s Nip Tuck
Carl Hester with Coral Ingham’s Wanadoo
Alice Oppenheimer with Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Delegate

CDI2* Small Tour
Victoria Jones with Tijs H
Claire Moir with her own and Anne Haydon’s Davonport Bewes

U25 Grand Prix
Alex Hardwick with Sally Hardwick’s Donauwein

CDIP – Ponies
Ottilie Bardsley with Sharon Bardsley’s Kingsley Ciske
Megan Barratt with Susan Barratt’s Valido’s Starlight
Charlotte McDowall with Charlotte Dujardin's Cruz
Maddy Whelan with Ode to Shannon

CDIJ – Juniors
Emma Bond with Lime Walk
Bethany Shipley with Angela Shipley’s Bravoure

CDIY – Young Riders
Charlotte Fry with Julie Fry’s Dark Legend
Amy Schiessl with Mr Mercury

To follow the action, see results and the live stream

Image courtesy of Laura Tomlinson's Facebook page