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Matt Frost rules the roost at Wellington Premier League

last updated on June 16, 2016 11:30

Matt Frost rules the roost at Wellington Premier League

Gloucestershire-based Matt Frost reigned supreme at Wellington Riding’s annual Premier League (8 – 12 June 2016) show, claiming the whopping £1,000 prize fund up for grabs in the Equi-Trek Windsor PSG Freestyle amongst other titles gained over the course of the competition.

Held at the Hampshire venue during the gala evening on Saturday, Matt and his ten-year-old Don Schufro stallion, AMD Don Havidoff (pictured) danced to victory in the freestyle, scoring a PSG personal best of 75.87% to claim the top spot and £1,000 prize, courtesy of Equi-Trek Windsor. Earlier in the day, Matt also claimed his first ticket to September’s LeMieux National Championships. Aboard Adam Kemp, Tony Chew and Melanie Chew’s 12-year-old Norwegian gelding, Tribiani and in their first Inter II together, Matt secured his place in the Monarch Equestrian Inter II Championship with a solid score of 71.14%.

Dangerously close in the LeMieux Grand Prix, Matt and Tribiani led the way for much of the class with a score of 69.50% but were toppled by 22-year-old Pippa Hutton and her mother’s 15-year-old Danish gelding, Belmondo III who scored a personal best of 69.86% to take the title and book their place in the LeMieux Grand Prix at the Nationals.

“WE WON THE GRAND PRIX!!!!!” exclaimed Pippa from her Facebook page. “Both horses were amazing! Duela got 66% and Mondo 69.874!! To win a senior Grand Prix at a PL is amazing!!! Thank you to everyone behind the scenes!! Wouldn't be here without you!!”

Matt’s final ride of the competition, nine-year-old son of Londonderry, Leandro, topped the tables in the Dressage Anywhere Advanced Medium with a score of 79.34%, their highest percentage gained as a combination – and also the highest score achieved at this year’s Wellington Premier League.

Bespoke clothing manufacturer, Flying Changes sponsored the Inter I and offered a one-of-a-kind tailcoat or short jacket to the winner of the class. Gaining an impressive mark of 74.43%, it was Olympian Laura Tomlinson who claimed the prize riding her own and Dr Bechtolsheimer’s nine-year-old Rhodium-sired stallion, Duvals Capri Sonne Jr. Qualifying for the Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I Championship, Laura and ‘Cas’ – as he’s known at home – have only been together for just over a year but are showing great promise, definitely one to watch for the future.

Local lass Denise Hallion took the Grand Prix Special top spot with her partner of nine years, 13-year-old son of Painted Black, Wervelwind. Their score of 69.08% was not only a personal best across all FEI tests they have contested together, it was also just their second Special.

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Class 1: Shearwater British Dressage Young Horse – 4yo, supported by Mikado Equine
Greg Sims with Rihanna, 7.94

Class 2: Shearwater British Dressage Young Horse – 5yo
Lizzie Murray with Timolin, 7.80

Class 3: Shearwater British Dressage Young Horse – 6yo
Gareth Hughes with Sintano Van Hof Olympia, 7.92

Class 5a: Fairfax Saddles PSG
Richard Barrett with Walid 4, 70.57%

Class 5b: Fairfax Saddles PSG
Claire Moir with Davonport Bewes, 70.30%

Class 6: Flying Changes Inter I
Laura Tomlinson with Duvals Capri Sonne Jr, 74.43%

Class 7: Hawtins Stud National British Young Dressage Horse – 5yo
James Burtwell with Verano, 7.62

Class 8: Hawtins Stud National British Young Dressage Horse – 6yo
Theresa Smyth with Livingstone, 7.94

Class 10: FMBS Therapy Systems International British Young Dressage Horse – 5yo
James Burtwell with Verano, 7.20

Class 11: FMBS Therapy Systems International British Young Dressage Horse – 6yo
Leah Beckett with Woodcroft San Leonardo, 7.44

Class 12: Dressage Anywhere Advanced Medium 98
Gold – Matt Frost with Leandro, 79.34%
Silver – Jezz Palmer with Hawtins Horatio, 72.10%

Class 13a: Fairfax Saddles PSG
Julie Hugo-Ross with Alivia, 70.83%

Class 13b: Fairfax Saddles PSG
Anna Jesty with Aquiro, 68.81%

Class 14: Monarch Equestrian Inter II
Matt Frost with Tribiani, 71.14%

Class 15: British Dressage Young Pony – 4yo
Eleanor Jane Cooper with Starsky, 7.18

Class 16: British Dressage Young Pony – 5yo
Charlotte Rollinson with Dinky Dexter, 7.84

Class 17: British Dressage Young Pony – 6yo
Georgia Stokes with SOS What Apricot Wants, 7.86

Class 18: FMBS Therapy Systems Pony Individual
Ollie Booth with Classic Charmeur, 70.30%

Class 19: Scott Dunn’s Equine Clinic Advanced Medium Freestyle
Anna Jesty with Aquiro, 78.00%

Class 20: Day Equestrian Inter I
Jacky Stolper with Luciano Pavarotti, 70.17%

Class 21: LeMieux Grand Prix
Pippa Hutton with Belmondo III, 69.86%

Class 22: Equi-Trek Windsor PSG Freestyle
Matt Frost with AMD Don Havidoff. 75.87%

Class 24: Chestnut Horse Feeds Advanced Medium 92
Gold – Rebecca Bell with Waranos, 70.00%
Silver – Isobel Berrington with Bing, 67.77%

Class 25: Scott Dunn’s Equine Clinic Pony Team
Clare Hole with Rosewater I Claudius, 73.97%

Class 26: Grand Prix Special
Denise Hallion with Wervelwind, 69.08%

Class 27: Fairfax Saddles PSG
Henry Boswell with WS Dominic, 70.65%

Class 28: 2Gallop Inter I
Claire Abel with Rowan Magic, 73.42%