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BD Abroad: Bishop Burton CPEDI1*/2*/3*

last updated on July 25, 2016 11:29

BD Abroad: Bishop Burton CPEDI1*/2*/3*

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Bishop Burton CPEDI1*/2*/3*, East Yorkshire (26 – 30 July 2016).

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Grade Ib
Rowan Crosby with her own Kilimazing Tiger Lily

Grade IV
Julie Frizzell with her own Namibian
Laura Gulliver with her own Woodcroft Natalia
Ruth MacCarthy-Coupe with her own Edendawn William Wombat
Maddie Shaw with John Mallaby’s Titus IV

Grade Ia
Julie Payne with Shannon Rule’s Disco Diamond

Grade Ib
Gayle Bloomfield with Rachel Callaghan’s Lucca Khan
Anna-Mae Cole with her own Priceless
Leonie Saffy with her own Gemswood Morning Son

Grade II
Suzanna Hext with the Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Enggaards Solitaire
Katherine Smith with her own Skikkild’s Walliant

Grade III
Alicia Griffiths with Kate Fletcher’s Just Arisca
Julia Horton with her own Premier Joyful Moon

Grade IV
Charlotte Cundall with Emma Prest’s KBIS Starchaser
Julie Frizzell with her own DCUK Crazy Diamond
Hope Hayward with her own Hot Chocolatte
Emily Skerrett with her own Queen Bee IX and Woody Allen MF
Denise Smith with her own Sheepcote Catkin

Grade Ia
Sophie Christiansen with Diane Redfurn’s Athene Lindebjerg (pictured)

Grade Ib
Natasha Adkinson with her own Sweet Caledonia
Georgia Wilson with her own Caraca

Grade II
Emma Douglas with her own Apart
Suzanna Hext with Charlie and Pammy Hutton’s Abira
Jane Lishman with Anne Pearson’s Lordana TG
Amanda Shirtcliffe with Jon McFarland’s New Princess and Ruby Rose II

Grade III
Katherine Cooksley with her own Roh-Gold
Izzy Palmer with Dr Jacqueline Walker’s Pinocchio

Grade IV
Charlotte Cundall with her own The Chenko Artist
Sophie Wells with Charlotte Hogg’s C Fatal Attraction