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Petplan Equine Area Festival: Wild Card UPDATE

last updated on February 15, 2017 11:57

Petplan Equine Area Festival: Wild Card UPDATE

BD can announce the updated list of combinations to receive a wild card for this year’s Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships, 12 – 16 April 2017.

Qualification packs will be sent out by post to the rider of the horse. PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for wild cards is Wednesday 22 February 2017 and no late entries will be accepted.

Please contact the BD office immediately if you will not be attending the Area Festival Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination. Please email Charlene Bryant or phone 02476 698846/02477 087803.

Preliminary Bronze
Sara Lawto with Furona, 71.25%
Ella Yabbacome with Wilson's Justice, 71.25%
Yasmeen Saeed with Harmony III, 70.83%
Lynn Fry with Monarch of the Glen, 70.83%
Emma Orde-Powlett with West Ceffyl Prince, 70.83%
Jane Goodridge with DAmore of Class, 70.76%
Rachel Constantine with Eloy Donae, 70.76%
Jane Dyer with Third Time Lucky III, 70.69%
Rebecca Pugh with Derrow Lad, 70.63%
Emily Meza-Bradford with Midnight Design, 70.63%
Suzanne Jackson with Seventh Heaven, 70.63%
Georgie Nicholls with Ruby IX, 70.49%
Samantha Newman with Shinglehall Statesman, 70.42%
Steffi Tomlinson with Vivassa, 70.21%
Sue Eeley with Shanbally Lucky Stripe, 70.21%
Morgan Ross-Sarwar with Blakts Lester, 70.07%
Nicola Lyons with The Tipsy Piskie, 70.00%

Sarah Carrington-Gull with Vivace Springtime Spice, 69.93%
Hannah Cook with Jessie Jane, 69.86% col 210
Charlotte Bond with Dance of the Hours, 69.86% col 209

Novice Bronze
Donna Marie Howman with Victory lll, 72.15%
Sam Whyley with Tempest Cole, 71.11%
Joanna Gapp with Beethovens Aria, 70.76%
Alex Harvey with Frank IV, 70.28%
Vivienne Law with Balhagarty Kestral, 69.65%
Christina Butler with Romeo Desbois, 69.58%
Hollie Common with Fearless Frank, 69.38%
Ria Stewart with Donnerussian, 69.10%
Victoria Gregg with Sleady Castle Euro, 69.03%
Kath Metcalfe with Westpoint Fully Comical, 68.96%
Ruth Gladman with Dakota Spring, 68.89%
Victoria Carty with Milo VII, 68.89%
Caroline Gunter with Flightline Lacoste, 68.75%
Abigail Ash with Ule.B, 68.75%
Natasha Mansell with Briden Quality Star, 68.47%
Tayla Brooks with Springwind Catwalk, 68.47%
Zoe Florence with Hirstmund Merlot, 68.33%
Charlotte Pedley with Jazz I, 68.33%
Lucy Russell with Smudge Marks, 68.26%

Melissa Richardson with Courtland Country Ways, 68.19%
Eloise Howell with Glenvar Prince, 68.19%
Alice Croft with Higglytown Hero, 68.13%

Novice Silver
Louise Darlington with Corona S, 71.25%
Sarah Lambert-Gibb with Pennfield Pirate, 71.25%
Hattie Kirby with Vales Blueberry, 70.83%
Joanne Brett with North Astor Rossco, 70.56%
Terri Webb with Remus Debonnaire, 70.56%
Jayne Chapman with Bankers Draught, 70.49%
Jenna Capel with Amour Just Cruising, 70.28%
Lyndsey Guest with Gwenllian Ruby, 70.14%

Benedict Raymond with Westcroft Don Paccini, 70.07%

Elementary Bronze
Laima Davies with Hollyday, 69.61%
Natasha Burrows with Denver W, 68.92%
Rebekah White with Ladancia, 68.73%
Tuesday Lewis with Fiorillo, 68.63%
Judy Harrington with Davinci-Morka, 68.48%
Debbie Squires with Wellshead Fair Duchess, 68.14%
Kimberley Reddrop with Dassett Design, 68.09%
Samantha Willson with Delhurens Sunshine, 68.09%
Bronia Hill with Daisy II, 68.04%
Laura Outhwaite with Quistopher IV, 67.79%
Kate Welch with Biscuits Brown, 67.75%
Zoe Golding with Enzo SR, 67.60%
Nika Vorster with Curioso, 67.50%
Nicola Grainge with Eminence, 67.50%
Chloe Davis with Lady Clover Lilly, 67.50%
Harriet Brick with Spot Awole, 67.50%
Alison De Zille with Carra Steal, 67.40%
Ellie Wass with Cavalier Supa Nova, 67.40%
Natalie Dimond with Holme Grove Charleston, 67.30%
Carol Fletcher with Ranmore Rascal, 67.30%
Susan Finch with Federigo, 67.26%
Nicola Hill with Ravenswing, 67.21%
Natasha Burrows with Pallas Fire Trap, 67.16%
Matilda Hutchinson-Field with Blackthorne Piccolo, 67.11%
Laura Hutton with Holly's Rainbow, 67.01%
Kate Lamb with Defies Logic, 66.96%
Juliet Allard with Fair Sovereign , 66.96%
Ruth Gair with Nefyn Swirl, 66.96%

Kaye Williams with Nikita, 66.86%
Jacqueline Armitage with Denmoor Roxborough, 66.81%
Rachel Shire with Maddaford Mistress Quickly, 66.81%
Corrall Thomalin with Mogelmosegards Colorado, 66.76% col 162

Elementary Silver
Sue Lanz with Wellshead Foxtrot, 70.05%
Samantha Wood with Lexus II, 69.75%
Amy Esterhuizen with Totem, 68.97%
Alison Wheelock with Y Matilda, 68.73%
Lorna Davis with Furore, 68.53%
Katie Branley with Buntino, 68.53%
Kim Moloney with FHS Showoff, 68.43%

Erin Dobby with Breifne, 68.38%
Lauren Cowie with Coady Bay Brazil, 68.28%
Robert Hulbert with Dream Maker II, 68.28%

Medium Bronze
Jodie Smith with Cinja, 71.54%
Helen Lees with Little Walero, 70.44%
Tracy Fall with Mount Pleasant Fleur VII, 70.15%
Abigail Kench with Pick Poket Chapelle, 69.56%
Alice Elliott with Chatsworth Chieftain, 69.26%
Katy Dziedzic with A Splash of Class, 68.97%

Jennifer Harkness with White Sparrow, 68.58%

Medium Silver
Elaine Wormwell with Don Juan, 70.39%
Olivia Whitelaw with Brouwershaven's Viceroy, 70.05%
Tracey Wilson with Kerry Gold, 69.75%
Catherine Copeland with Anegido, 69.17%
Natasha Gibbons with Broughton Envoy, 69.12%
Andrea Stanley with Caringa, 68.67%
Bonnie Bourne with Twyford Salamander, 68.58%
Verity Tyrell with Z-Vivaldo, 68.53%
Maria Pook with Perriland Politician, 68.28%

Lynne Walkling with Ben III, 67.94%
Martin Greet with Watling Shakira, 67.89%

Advanced Medium Bronze
Denise Fryer with Delaney, 68.97%
Patricia Baker with Divine Intervention, 68.25%
Michelle Wyatt with Eduardo, 68.08%
Hilary French with Elvis, 67.65%
Abbie Hipgrave with Don Vino Star, 67.39%
Kirsten Lloyd with Showgirl, 67.01%

Nicola Trinder with Glamis Faerie Legend, 66.92%

Advanced Medium Silver
Georgina Howard with Lovely Illusion, 68.16%
Sally Hall with Don Juan 183, 67.05%
Rachael Hawkins with Don Antello, 66.97%
Pauline Jaggs with Waranos, 66.75%
Kate Thorne with Caspari VC, 66.62%
Sarah Smith with Mr MacGregor, 66.54%
Susannah Givons with Baroness, 66.37%
Debbie Randel with Riverman, 66.32%
Alice Wilson-Gough with Viper II, 66.32%
Danielle Steed with Simply The Best III, 66.15%
Brittany Dumbleton with Sandiegobese, 65.94%

Prix St Georges
Jasmine Harding-Heitzmann with Di Spirito, 67.33%
Nadine Gregory with Candover Dramatico, 67.19%
Devan Woodgate with Distaulgold, 67.15%
Tania Cherry with Zidaan, 66.97%
Pamela Branch with Zandro, 66.54%

Emma Newsham-Brown with Abel V, 66.49%
Gabrielle Adams with Mundham Demon Dancer, 66.44%

Intermediate I
Ida de Fouw with Willem van Oranje, 67.15%
Nicky Jennings with Bodelicious, 66.75%
Nadine Gregory with Candover Dramatico, 66.36%

Jo Swain with Lord of the Rings, 66.32%