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'17 Judges Convention: all about TEAM

last updated on February 22, 2017 17:32

'17 Judges Convention: all about TEAM

The organisers of the BD National Judges’ Convention are delighted to be in a position to release further details of this year’s blockbuster day on Tuesday 18 April. Held at Addington Manor EC in Buckinghamshire and supported by the British Dressage Supporters Club, the day’s presenting team of Laura Tomlinson, Sandy Phillips, Peter Storr and Isobel Wessels was announced in December but the blue print of the day can now be revealed, and it promises to be interactive, packed full of content and a must for all dressage enthusiasts, whatever their level.

Run under the banner ‘TEAM: together everyone achieves more’, the programme will feature eight 35 - 40 minute sessions where demo riders will run through movements typical to the level while judges Sandy, Peter and Isobel – and you, the audience – give scores and comments. The three judges will be placed in different positions to give their scores and comments from that view. More and more competitions feature judging by a panel so this is a great opportunity to help judges and competitors understand the different viewpoint from each position and how it can affect marks.

They’ll then hand over to Laura who’ll work with the combinations to utilise the judges’ comments, give pointers to iron out issues and turn the sixes into sevens, eights or more. The panel will then round up each session with a group discussion, providing valuable insight into how judge and trainer can work together to drive up standards of training and in competition.

This approach ensures the day is beneficial for anyone in dressage – be they rider, trainer or judge, as the performances will be analysed and improved in real time, with four of the most knowledgeable names in the sport.

Movements from Novice to Grand Prix will be under the microscope and the demo riders will be selected to provide a range from the dressage spectrum. The morning will feature trot and canter movements from Novice to Advanced Medium while the afternoon focuses on PSG and Grand Prix. Space will be provided in the programme for delegates to judge and comment on each movement so you can compare your own performance against that of the judging panel.

The day kicks off at 09:45 with a welcome before the first session gets under way at 10:00. There will be an hour’s break for lunch when the Addington café will be open, or you’re welcome to bring your own lunch before the afternoon gets underway at 1:35pm.
There’ll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions during the day too.


9:45 Welcome
10.00 Medium
10.40 Novice
11.15 Elementary
11.50 Advanced Medium
12.25 Questions
12.35 Lunch
1.35 PSG
2.00 PSG
2.45 Grand Prix
3.20 Grand Prix
3.55 Questions and summing up

BD Judges’ Director Jo Graham commented; “Following on from the success of last year’s event, it’s become more and more evident that dressage is a team effort and the trainer/judge relationship is a vital part of any rider’s success. To have three world class judges alongside an Olympic gold medallist to show how the synergy works is an amazing learning opportunity for us all.

“Adding the extra dimension of having the judges in three positions around the arena should provide interesting feedback for those who are new to judging in a panel or indeed being judged by a panel. Plus, the audience can join in by judging the movements if they wish; all in all, it should be an educational and inspiring day.”

Tickets are priced at just £25 for all listed judges and £30 for trainees and any others who wish to be a part of this invaluable day. You can buy online securely using our Ticketscript facility. For further information please contact Ellie Morgans on 02476 698833 or email her direct.