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Petplan Equine Area Festival: Wild Card THIRD RELEASE

last updated on March 06, 2017 14:53

Petplan Equine Area Festival: Wild Card THIRD RELEASE

BD can announce a third release of wild cards for this year’s Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships, 12 – 16 April 2017.

Qualification packs have been sent out by post to the rider of the horse, and by now should have been received. PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for this third release of wild cards is Wednesday 15 March 2017 and no late entries will be accepted.

Please contact the BD office immediately if you will not be attending the Area Festival Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination. Please email Charlene Bryant or phone 02476 698846/02477 087803.

Charlotte Merrigan Martin with Solaris Dwenqua, 69.79%
India Edwards with Spirit of the Dance, 69.79%
Danielle Cartlidge with Gerlyn Weering, 69.72%
Toni Gregory with Roheryn Beryl-Rose, 69.65%
Laurence Close with Olbert VB, 69.58%
Harriet Rees with Star Attraction, 69.58%

Novice Bronze
Sarah Chambers with Egassini I, 67.99%
Alison Judge with Mersley B'Elanna, 67.99%
Lieneke Happel with Chablis van Hof Ter Cools, 67.92%
Viktorija Rakauskaite with Jupiter Star, 67.92%
Hannah Dickinson with Santa Lucia, 67.85%
Libby Johnso with Karetina, 67.78%
Carrie Taylor with Franc, 67.78%

Novice Silver
Danielle Rhode with Flammenbelle, 70.00%
Sandie Gibbs with Figaro III, 69.79%
Sarah Wicks with Keltic Grace, 69.65%
Florence Daly with Loughantousa Brisco, 69.65%
Samantha Wood with Lexus II, 69.58%
Nika Vorster with Chulo Msuay, 69.58%

Elementary Bronze
Kate Dale with C-Schmetterling, 66.76%
Tiernee McCall with Icelander, 66.72%
Emma Grant with Mini Echo, 66.72%
Eilean Appleton with Shakira, 66.72%
Kate Bruce with Dassett Quick Fix, 66.67%

Elementary Silver
Teghan Cantrell-Bennett with Bernwode Broadway, 68.24%
Alice Elliott with Chatsworth Chieftain, 68.24%
Nicola Trinder with North Dancer, 68.24%
Tamara Strapp with Diamond Nosey, 68.19%
William Roberts with Korenbloem Vamos, 68.14%
Holly Harding with Jigsaw III, 68.04%
Catherine Stott with Macklin Royal, 67.99%
Sharon Adams with Faithful Opposition, 67.99%
Jenny Christie with Bellindene Franklyn, 67.94%
Frances Berry with MFS Edison, 67.89%

Medium Bronze
Phoebe Osborn with McKenna, 68.38%

Medium Silver
Emma Bird with Soliman, 67.84%

Advanced Medium Bronze
Sophie Chatwin with Professional, 66.62%
Sue Brougham with Kittle Eclipse, 66.54%

Advanced Medium Silver
Iona Pearson with Rokket, 65.85%
Lisa Smith with S Jari, 65.81%
Izzy Chaplin with Vincente II, 65.77%
Cheryl Hammerson with Oliver Extreme, 65.68%