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NAF Five Star Winter Championships - WILD CARDS

last updated on March 08, 2017 17:30

NAF Five Star Winter Championships - WILD CARDS

BD can announce the list of combinations to receive a wild card for this year's NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships (12 - 16 April 2017).

Please contact the office immediately if you will not be attending the Winter Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination. 

PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for wild cards is 15 March 2017

NO late entries will be accepted

All Championship packs have been posted to the rider of the horse and must be returned to the Show & Entries Secretary.

Lisa Green with Chiquila, 71.67%
Jacqueline Byrne with Narita, 71.07%
Bethany Edginton with Frankel, 70.83%
Frances Long with Mama Mia III, 70.00%
Chloe Naylor with Tulira Swallow, 70.00%

Novice Silver
Fiona Newall with Fendy VCG, 71.67%
Lucinda Elliott with MSJ Fascinate, 71.43%
Amanda Shirtcliffe with New Princess, 71.19%
Christiane Oakley with Samarai, 71.19%
Danielle Rhodes with Flammenbelle, 71.13%
Tania Grantham with High Hoes Daystar, 71.01%

Novice Gold
Antonia Brown with Krack DE, 72.14%
Ruth Hole with Bonhard Alexander, 72.08%
Emma Maisey with Bogelys Corporal, 71.37%
Melissa Chapman with Farrell, 71.31%
Ryan Todd with Di Romantica, 71.07%
Sarah Turner with Dexterity, 70.83%
Sara Squires with Carla Bruni, 70.77%
Nicola Buchanan with St Giles Fairytale, 70.65%
Melissa Chapman with Honneur, 70.60% 173 col

Elementary Silver
Nicola Rapley with Scolari’s Glory, 71.20%
Lucy Baker with Ifya Like, 70.99%
Helen James with Corbeau, 70.78%
Elder Klatzko with Romanno Quest, 70.78%
Charlotte Dicker with Obsessions Quickstep, 70.63%
Jade Whitelaw with Dauphin III, 70.31%

Elementary Gold
Abi Hutton with Starlet Blue, 71.41%
Sara Squires with Carla Bruni, 70.89%
James Burtwell with Serendipitous, 70.78%
James Burtwell with Lady Liberty, 70.78%
Edward Johnson with Albireo SA, 70.31%
Owen Cooper with Fiero, 70.26

Medium Silver
Dannie Morgan with Southern Cross Braemar, 69.85%
Julia Walker with Rain Dance, 69.75%
Christine Cockerton with Florance Christi, 69.44%
Carly Jackson with Encore III, 69.34%
Maria Pook with So Enamoured, 69.29%
Katrina McIntosh with Karisma, 68.79%
Brendan Tegg with Foxcourt A Maddonna, 68.64%
India Sheridan with DHI Smart Move, 68.59

Medium Gold
Maria Griffin with Bellisamio, 69.80%
Joe Bright with Hazelhope Really Bling, 69.55%
Antonia Brown with SJL Duuk, 69.49%
Alice Peternell with Cynheidrefawr Creme de la Crème, 69.49%
Emily Harris with Freya FST, 69.24%
Charlie Hutton with Rossana, 69.14%
Tahley Reeve Smith with Sharola Show Star, 69.09%
Sarah Alderman with Daddys Hit, 68.99%

Advanced Medium Silver
Sophie Quarterman with Knightswood Diamond Geezer, 68.68%
Ella-Louise Mayhead with Tirclyn Sportsman, 68.55%
Bea Burnham with Azara, 68.42%
Jamie Broom with Furst Impression II, 68.25%
Joe Bright with Hazelhope Roxanne, 68.16%
Philippa Bishop with Gambarda, 68.03%
Angela Gladding with Parisienne Jupiter, 67.89%
Pauline Jaggs with Waranos, 67.85%

Advanced Medium Gold
Natalie Allen with Charisma Chiquille, 72.15%
Nicola Buchanan with Half Moon Dark Magic, 70.61%
Lauren Phillips with Hot Chocolate, 70.61%
Bobby Hayler with Woodlander Forever Amadeus, 70.39%
Jezz Palmer with Romano's Rafiel, 70.09%
Jezz Palmer with Hawtins Horatio, 70.07%
Luke Baber-Davies with Keystone Drummerboy, 69.91%
Sara-Jane Lanning with Mi Amigo, 69.74%
Edward Johnson with Arrow, 69.69%
Sam Dewar with Parsons Resume, 69.17%
Rachael Clark with Wilhemina II, 69.04%
Amy Stovold with Bo Bo L, 68.99%

Freestyle to Music Wild Cards

Freestyle Novice Silver
Daisy Grace Cotton with Newoak Gold Rush, 72.69%
Jo Hales with Dawn Chorus IV II, 72.22%
Amanda Shirtcliffe with New Princess, 72.13%
Sandra Joyes with Ferguson II, 72.13%
Jayne Chapman with Bankers Draught, 72.04%

Freestyle Novice Gold
Georgia Davis with Keystone Diego, 74.44%
Sarah Turner with Dexterity, 73.61%
Mark Ruddock with Keystone Can Doo, 73.43%
Andrew Gould with Famathika M, 72.69%
James Burtwell with Veritas VS, 72.59%
Victoria Gladwyn with Sonnersted, 71.39%
Claire Speer with Loxleys Optimism, 71.30%
Rebecca Cowderoy with Hibimona, 71.30%

Freestyle Elementary Silver

Emma Castle with Don zack Zumba, 72.44%
Rebekah White with Lord Robin, 72.12%
Rebecca Kingswood with Furst Flame, 72.05%
Alex Calder with Bilbao Fluswiss, 71.86%
Hannah Bown with Sandro's Storm, 71.28%
Louise Stroud with Classic Riverdance, 71.15%

Freestyle Elementary Gold

James Burtwell with Serendipitous, 76.41%
James Burtwell with Verano, 76.09%
Claire Abel with RoCoco, 74.87%
Christine Cockerton with Evaldo, 73.91%
Wayne Garrick with DCI Dollar, 73.72%
Dannie Morgan with Southern Cross Braemar, 73.01%
Jacky Stolper with Furo, 72.24%

Freestyle Medium Silver

Christine Cockerton with Evaldo, 72.56%
Jane Littlejohn with Urban Knight, 71.50%
Nicola Naylor with Ferrari V, 70.50%
Lucy Amy with Extra Time, 69.78%
Jane Howard with Day and Night, 69.50%
Jasmine Harding Heitzmann with Deco, 69.33%

Freestyle Medium Gold
Richard Hayward with Ricochet II, 72.17%
Andrew Gould with Dancing Girl, 71.72%
Sara Gallop with Summerhouse Delano, 71.56%
Kimberley-Alice Seaby with Razzle Dazzle, 71.11%
Sally Bell with Camillus, 70.94%
Jacky Stolper with Furo, 70.89%
James Burtwell with Lady Liberty, 70.83%
James Burtwell with Burlington B, 70.44%
Lucy Pincus with Sheepcote Suncrest, 70.39%

Freestyle Advanced Medium Gold
Jezz Palmer with Exito, 75.50%
Louise Davison with De Galles, 73.78%
Hannah Esberger Hancock with Leonidas III, 73.72%
Olivia Oakeley with Berlington Bertie 2, 73.56%
Maria Griffin with Bellisamio, 73.39%
Rob Waine with BamBam, 72.72%
Tina Atkins with Diamond Sun 11, 72.67%
Jamie Broom with First Impression, 72.61%

Freestyle Prix St Georges
Paul Hayler with Lonswelt , 72.46%
Leah Beckett with Russki, 72.33%
Matt Frost with AMD Don Havidoff, 72.21%
Gemma Maddocks with El Paso Van Overis, 72.04%
Nathalie Kayal with DHI Bravo, 71.67%
Ellie McCarthy with Donna Summer, 71.62%
Lauren Phillips with Hot Chocolate, 71.17%