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International riders gear up for Keysoe CDI

last updated on March 17, 2017 13:35

International riders gear up for Keysoe CDI

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Keysoe CDI3* and CDIYJP, Bedfordshire (17 – 19 Mar 2017).

CDI3* Big Tour
Henriette Andersen with her own Flavio.
Steph Croxford with her own Mr Hyde.
Michael Eilberg with Julie Deverill’s Half Moon Dynasty and Ferdi Eilberg’s Marakov (pictured).
Lucy Fallen with The Danewood Syndicate’s Cruise.
Sara Gallop with Richard Gallop’s Summerhouse Zelham.
Alex Hardwick with Sally Hardwick’s Donauwein and Sally Hardwick’s Royal Chester.
Becky Moody with her own and Julie Lockey’s Carinsio.
Keith Robertson with his own Boheme Af Sulsted.
Vicky Thompson Winfield with Samantha Francis’s Mango Jacaro.
Daniel Watson with Nicola Naylor’s Amadeus.

CDI3* Small Tour
Leah Beckett with Shaun Measures’ Russki.
Henrietta Cheetham with her own Schattentanzerin.
Rebecca Cowderoy with her own Celicia.
Lara Edwards with her own Bodyguard Moorland.
Daniel Greenwood with Sandy Senior’s GF Deville.
Paul Hayler with his own and David Spence’s Lonswelt.
Victoria Jones with her own Tijs H.
Nathalie Kayal with her own Bravo.
Gemma Maddocks with her own El Paso van Overis.
Victoria Maw with her own Bon Rouge CH.
Cara Shardlow with her own Detonator.
Rachel Skeffington with her own Bakkegardens Monty.
Georgia Stokes with her own Talented Mr Ripley.
Vicky Thompson Winfield with Samantha Francis’s Artist.
Jenny Ward with her own Brasil P.
Daniel Watson with Nicola Naylor’s Donnatella H.

Megan Barratt with Susan Barratt’s Valido’s Starlight.
Charlie Grieve with her own Mandor van de Groenheuvel.
Clare Hole with Elizabeth Rawlingson’s Rosewater I Claudius.
Lavinia Johnson with her own Dublin.
Holly Kerslake with her own Valhallas Zorro.
Charlotte McDowall with her own BKS Grand Design and Samantha Brown’s Le Chiffre.
Maddy Whelan with her own Beaurepaire Frodo and her own Ode to Shannon.
Sophie Williams with Kate Williams’ Ella and her own Ferrari.
Olivia Wrennall with her own Donna Schuflo.

Isobel Berrington with Aimee Witkin’s Bing.
Emma Bond with her own Lime Walk.
Angus Corrie-Deane with his own Tiny Tempur and his own Walter’s Fable.
Alexandra Hellings with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V.
Abbie Newbury with Tessa Thorne’s Disneyland.
India Sheridan with her own Ardie.
Maddy Whelan with Peta Claridge’s Monsieur Pomerol.

Amber Barton with her own Labiat.
Immogen Chant with her own World Dancer.
Carmen Gammie with her own Amalia B.
Ruth Hole with Rachel Murray’s Winnetou G.E.P.
Ellen McCarthy with Olivia Oakeley’s Donna Summer.
Lauren Phillips with her own Hot Chocolate.
Joanna Thurman-Baker with Samantha Thurman-Baker’s Highcliffe Apollo.

For the full list of entries see

Start lists and results will be posted live on the Keysoe Facebook page

Spectators are welcome at £12 per day throughout show - book online 
Or watch the action via the live stream

Approximate timetable for Friday 17/03/17
Ponies 08:00 
Juniors 10:25
YR 12:50
Small tour 14:20
GP 18:45