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BD Abroad: Nieuw en Sint Joosland CDI3* CDIYJP

last updated on April 05, 2017 12:21

BD Abroad: Nieuw en Sint Joosland CDI3* CDIYJP

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Nieuw en Sint Joosland CDI3* CDIYJP in the Netherlands (5 – 9 April 2017).

Big Tour
Henriette Andersen (53) from Oxfordshire with her own Flavio (pictured), a 12-year-old gelding by Florencio.
Emile Faurie (53) from Oxfordshire with his own Bohemo Tinto, a 13-year-old gelding by De Noir.
Emma Hindle (41) from Greater Manchester with her own Romy Del Sol, an 11-year-old mare by Romanov Blue Hors.

Small Tour
Georgina Roden (22) from Lancashire with Kathryn Roden’s Incroyable Vant Heike, a nine-year-old gelding by Jazz.

CDIY – Young Riders
Charlotte Fry (21) from North Yorkshire (based in the Netherlands) with Van Olst Horses’ Lord Leatherdale, a 14-year-old stallion by Lord Loxley, and with Van Olst Horses’ Dark Legend, a nine-year-old gelding by Zucchero.
Robyn Smith (20) from Glasgow with Gail Smith’s Foold Uz, a nine-year-old gelding by Zucchero.

CDIJ - Juniors
Isobel Berrington (17) from Hertfordshire with Aimee Witkin’s Bing, an 11-year-old gelding by Trento B.
Emma Bond (16) from North Yorks with her own Lime Walk, a 15-year-old gelding by Limes.
Alexandra Hellings (17) from Derbyshire with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V, a 16-year-old gelding by Krack C.

CDIP - Ponies
Jessie Kirby (13) from Oxfordshire with her own and Charlotte Dujardin’s Cruz III, an eight-year-old gelding by Caesar 171.
Anya Kolleth (16) from Shropshire with Phoebe Peters’ SL Lucci, a 15-year-old gelding by Lukas.
Charlotte McDowall (15) from Gloucestershire with Samantha Brown’s LE Chiffre, a ten-year-old gelding by Caesar 171.
Sophie Williams (14) from Denbighshire with Kate Williams’ Ella, an eight-year-old mare by Caesar 171.

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