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Pony Team Long List

last updated on April 07, 2017 11:33

Pony Team Long List

As a result of competitions to date, the British Dressage Pony Selectors would like to announce the following ‘long list’ for the European Championships in Kaposvar, Hungary, 25 – 30 July 2017; 

Megan Barratt (15) from Banbury, Oxfordshire with Susan Barratt’s Valido’s Starlight (bay, gelding, 14.2hh, 13yrs, s. Valido)

Clare Hole (15) from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with Elizabeth Rawlingson’s Rosewater I Claudius (chestnut, gelding, 13.3hh, 11yrs, s. Caesar 171)

Holly Kerslake (13) from Lifton, Devon with her own Valhallas Zorro (black, stallion, 14.1hh, 8yrs, s. Valhallas Lord Matrafal)

Jessie Kirby (13) from Wallingford, Oxordshire with Charlotte Dujardin’s Cruz III (chestnut, gelding, 14.1hh, 8yrs, s. Caesar 171) and her own Grayswood Orlando (chestnut, gelding, 14.2hh, 16yrs, s. Grayswood Magic Buccaneer)

Anya Kolleth (16) from All Stretton, Shropshire with Phoebe Peters’ SL Lucci (brown, gelding, 14.2hh, 15yrs, s. Lukas)

Isobel Lickley (12) from Albrighton, Staffordshire with Robert & Nicola Lickley’s Valido’s Sunshine (bay, mare, 14.1hh, 14yrs, s. Valido) and Robert & Nicola Lickley’s Gigolo (chestnut, gelding, 14.1hh, 19yrs, s. Going East)

Charlotte McDowall (15) from Highleadon, Gloucestershire with Samantha Brown’s Le Chiffre (chestnut, gelding, 14hh, 10yrs, s. Caesar 171) and her own BKS Grand Design (bay, gelding, 14hh, 9yrs, s. FS Golden Moonlight)

Gemma Owen (13) from Northop, Flintshire with her own Der Kleine Lord (brown, gelding, 14.1hh, 10yrs, s. Der Feine Lord)

Sophie Taylor (14) from Preston, Lancashire with Becky Moody’s Madam’s Miss Maria (bay, mare, 14hh, 12yrs, s. Wolhoeve’s Silco)

Maddy Whelan (14) from Abingdon, Oxfordshire with her own Ode to Shannon (dark bay, mare, 14.1hh, 8yrs) (pictured)

Sophie Williams (14) from Denbigh, Denbighshire with Kate Williams’ Ella (grey, mare, 14.2hh, 8yrs, s. Caesar 171) and her own Ferrari (chestnut, gelding, 14.2hh, 19yrs)

This list indicates pony and rider combinations from which the Team may be selected, but it does not preclude any that are not named but may still obtain scores that would be considered for selection.

The Pony Selection Policy details the requirements and process.