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BD Abroad: Roosendaal & Uggerhalne

last updated on June 01, 2017 09:47

BD Abroad: Roosendaal & Uggerhalne

The following horses and riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Roosendaal CDI4* CDIYJP CDIU25 in the Netherlands (31 May – 4 June 2017) and Uggerhalne CDI in Denmark (1 - 5 June).


CDIP Pony Riders
Clare Hole (15) from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with Elizabeth Rawlingson’s Rosewater I Claudius (chestnut, gelding, 13.3hh,11 years, s. Caesar 171)
Holly Kerslake (13) from Lifton, Devon with her own Valhallas Zorro (black, stallion, 14.1hh, 8 years, s. Valhallas Lord Matrafal)
Sophie Williams (14) from Denbigh, Denbighshire with Kate Williams’ Ella (grey, mare, 14.2hh, 8 years s. Caesar 171)

CDIJ Junior Riders
Emily Bradshaw (18) from The Wirral, Cheshire with Susan Bradshaw’s Remarkable (brown, gelding, 16hh, 19 years, s. Royal Diamond)
Abbie Newbury (18) from Chippenham, Wiltshire with Tessa Thorne’s Disneyland (liver chestnut, gelding, 16.1hh, 8 years, s. Diamond Hit)
Maddy Whelan (14) from Hailey, Oxfordshire with Peta Claridge’s Monsieur Pomerol (bay, gelding, 16hh, 16 years, s. Riccione)

CDIY Young Riders
Rebecca Edwards (20) from Reading, Berkshire with Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Delegate (chestnut, gelding, 16.1hh, 14 years, s. Dimaggio)
Charlotte Fry (21) from Scarborough, North Yorkshire but based in the Netherlands with van Olst Horses’ Everdale (black, stallion, 17hh, 8 years, s. Lord Leatherdale ds. Negro)
Anna Jesty (18) from Wimborne, Dorset with her own Aquiro (bay, gelding, 17.1hh, 14 years, s. Aquino)
Joanna Thurman-Baker (19) from Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire with Highcliffe Apollo (bay, gelding, 16.2hh, 15 years, s. Der Lenz)

CDI Big Tour
Gareth Hughes (46) from Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire with Anne Keen’s Don Carissimo (brown, gelding, 16.2hh, 12yrs, s. Don Crusador) and Rebecca Hughes’ Briolinca (bay, mare, 16.2hh, 11yrs, s. Trento B)
Vicki Thompson Winfield (55) from Shermanbury, West Sussex with Samantha Francis’ Mango Jacaro (bay, stallion, 16.2hh, 12yrs, s. Rondeno)
Anna Ross (44) from Allington, Wiltshire with Jane Sewell's Wydny (chestnut, gelding, 17hh, 14yrs, s. Sydney)

CDI Small Tour
Bronte Watson (23) from Harpenden, Hertfordshire with her own Cleverboy (black, gelding, 17hh, 10yrs, s. Vivaldi)
Vicki Thompson Winfield (55) from Shermanbury, West Sussex with Samantha Francis’ Artist (palomino, gelding, 16.1hh, 9yrs, s. Abanos)

Samantha Thurman-Baker (24) from Henley on Thames, Oxon with her own Spring Pascal (bay, gelding, 16.1hh, 16yrs, s. Pascall) - pictured

For start list and results visit the show website.

CDIO Uggerhalne - u25

Claire Gallimore (23) from St Albans, Hertfordshire with Jane Gallimore's Annette Ballerina (bay, mare, 16.1hh, 12yrs, s. Scandic)

 For start list and results visit the show website.