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BD's new look web schedule section

last updated on July 18, 2017 10:38

BD's new look web schedule section

Morning website visitors!

If you’re heading off to our schedules section today, you’ll notice a new look! It’s part of the first of our three phase IT project, in conjunction with Horse Monkey, around our in house competition systems which drive schedules, results, qualifications and membership.

This first phase focuses on the interface for our organisers to input their schedules you see on the website and in the magazine to provide a simple, easy to use system. The portal was launched to organisers on 4 July and now it’s your turn.

You’ll soon see there’s a very different look and feel to the section – but all the information you’ll need about the event is still there, just packaged in a different way.

One huge new benefit that you’ll notice is the search facility has been hugely improved – hurrah! Before, you could search on venue or county but now…you can search on just about anything.

  •  Search a range of dates
  •  You can add a selection of counties, not just one.
  •  You can search on level – and have a scroll of the list as freestyle and para competitions are included now.
  •  You can search by test – want to practice a certain test, maybe for your regionals? You can find a venue running it!
  •  Searching for a qualifier to get those last minute Regionals points? The new system will let you.
  •  You can even search on competitions by the day of the week they run.
  •  So if you’re looking for a Novice Gold Freestyle in August on a Thursday in Shropshire, you can ask the new system to search for you (although we can’t promise there is one).

There are a few more improvements being looked at – and do let us have any feedback on this new look and improved search.

On to Phase II…results! We’ll be looking to launch sometime early in the New Year with this one so you’ll have a little bit of a wait, but it’ll be worth it.