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LeMieux National Championships '17 wild cards

last updated on August 18, 2017 15:48

LeMieux National Championships '17 wild cards

British Dressage can now announce the wild cards awarded for this year's LeMieux National Dressage Championships.  Congratulations the the riders, owners and horses concerned.

PLEASE NOTE – The close of entries date for wild cards is 22 August 2017 - remember you can enter online this year.

NO late entries will be accepted.

All Championship packs have been sent out first class today to the RIDER who qualified the horse.

Please contact the office immediately if you will not be attending the National Championships to enable your place to be passed down to the next eligible combination.

BackInAction Preliminary Silver
Ruth Almond, Lionheart II, 72.41%
Joanna Kelly, Verdener, 72.30%
Delia Debenham, Sraghmore Misty, 71.32%
Craig Messenger, Berlin, 71.09%
Lauren Basson, Westenwind ll, 70.98%
Libby Gill, Sherbert II, 70.69%
Abigail Unwin, Arleys Dun Deal, 70.63%
Melanie Lawless, Fosters Boy, 70.29%
Hannah Dickinson, Santalucia, 70.29%
Bethany Edington, Frankel, 70.23%

Dodson & Horrell Novice Silver
Melissa Richardson, Gravgaard's Sir Dundee, 71.42%
Maria Collins, Exclusive Gem, 71.11%
Hannah Luck, Mill Heights , 70.80%
Lily Laughton, Magic Cadillac, 70.37%
Amanda Shirtcliffe, New Princess, 69.81%
Sarah Macdonald, Ginello II, 69.51%
Olivia Sealy, KL Mac, 69.26%
Emma Bailey, Devotion, 69.20%
Tracy Fall, Mount Pleasant Herman, 69.01%

Dodson & Horrell Novice Gold
James Burtwell, Verano, 71.79%
Daniel Watson, Southern Cross Brunei, 71.23%
Alice Oppenheimer, Headmore Bella Ruby, 70.80%
Jessica Dunn, Helga, 70.56%
Michael Bates, St Nazaire C, 70.37%
Nicky Heale, Furstinclaire, 70.31%
Jayden Brown, Mount St. John Forever, 70.00%
Nikki Barker, San Pedro, 69.94%
Katherine Heslop, Hero VI, 69.69%
Richard Black, Furst Ruprecht, 69.69%


Childeric Saddles Elementary Silver
Katie Wray, Boney M, 71.93%
Sian Nash, Woodcroft Dream Boy, 71.77%
Jiayi Rao, Sir Nario, 71.15%
Joanna Siddorn, Diamond Rose II, 70.00%
Fiona Jopling, Medburn Singer, 69.95%
Emma Bailey, Grayswood Xtra Spice, 69.95%
Amy Tilston, Diamantico, 69.84%
Ellie Worrall, Sarcosi, 69.84%
Shani Van Mieghem, Sicilia Va De Helle, 69.69%
Victoria Chester, Keystone Rhythm, 69.64%

Childeric Saddles Elementary Gold
Erin Williams, Guinness B, 72.97%
Louise Davison, Freddie Mercury, 72.60%
Melanie Rowley, The Don II, 71.82%
Sandra Tizzard, Keystone Bravo, 71.77%
Lucy Amy, Rudy, 71.77%
Lucy Pye, Superstar III, 71.77%
Jayne Turney, Distinction, 71.67%
Sophie Wells, Gladstone, 71.35%
Maya Goldberg, Half Moon Delphi II, 71.25%

Top Spec Medium Silver
Melanie Rowley, The Don II, 70.45%
Lisa Smith, San Libertino, 69.82%
Rowan Bryson, Lazulith, 69.41%
Katie Hills, San Rubiosa, 69.41%
Maria Pook, So Enamoured, 69.28%
Laura Fisher, Sam the Man Veldhoek, 69.19%
Artur Nicpon, Fodan B, 68.87%
Jake Taylor, Half Moon Delicata, 68.69%
Lizzie Robertson, Everton L, 68.60%
Jayne Turney, Farines-O, 68.60%

Top Spec Medium Gold
Jessica Dunn, MFS French Noir, 70.77%
Sophie Wells, Gladstone, 70.72%
Claire Dutton, Azzaro II, 70.27%
Lizzie Murray, Timolin, 69.59%
Lucy Amy, Extra Time, 69.55%
Claire Abel, RoCoco, 69.50%
Edward Johnson, Pimmento, 69.37%
Daniel Sherriff, Ft Bayford Hall Fergus, 69.37%
Sara Gallop, Summerhouse Delano, 69.19%

Equine Construction Advanced Medium Silver
Dannie Morgan, Southern Cross Braemar, 69.56%
Vikki Pengilly, Zion E, 69.47%
Clare Hole, Pro-Motion, 69.08%
Sarah Higgins, Davidoff, 68.99%
Lucy Norris, Light of Earendil, 68.99%
Jane Stephenson, Blue Chip Forever, 68.95%
Antonia Brown, DHI Buddy, 68.82%
Bridget Tate, Hawtins Werona, 68.64% coll 167

Equine Construction Advanced Medium Gold
Jennifer Johnston-Harman, MFS Caliana, 71.97%
Jessica Wade, Empire H, 69.78%
Paul Hayler, Woodlander Forever Amadeus, 68.55%

Fairfax Saddles Prix St Georges Gold
No spaces currently

Saracens Intermediate I Gold
No spaces currently

Monarch Equestrian Intermediate II Gold
No spaces currently

Grand Prix Gold
To be confirmed