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BEF interim appointments

last updated on August 21, 2017 16:00

BEF interim appointments

An announcement from Joanne Shaw, Chair of the British Equestrian Federation:

I am pleased to announce that the BEF board is appointing two highly qualified people with complementary skills, Nicki Kavanagh and David Ingle, to work in partnership to support the executive leadership until a permanent CEO is recruited.
Nicki Kavanagh, a former BEF board member for Marketing and Communication and an eventing enthusiast, will be interim CEO.

David Ingle, the Chair of the Showing Council, one of our associate members, will be interim COO. The appointment process was supported by Hugh Thomas, interim Chair of the BEF Members’ Council, while Paul Hodgson, Chair of British Eventing, represented the Member Bodies on the interview panel, which was unanimous in its recommendation to the Board.

Nicki is managing director of The Juniper Co., a specialist change and communications organisation. Her focus will be on quickly establishing relationships with key external stakeholders; supporting and developing our governance and overall direction, in partnership with the BEF board and Member bodies; and ensuring full engagement in organisational values. The BEF’s executive team will report to her.

Nicki will be ably supported by David Ingle, an independent business adviser with a strong track record in helping businesses going through transformation and who has worked with a number of equestrian organisations. David will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day business. We are delighted to secure them as a team in a way that enables both to continue to service their existing clients. They will divide their time between the BEF’s offices and their current office bases, while between them giving continuous support to the BEF’s employees.

In making these appointments, the interview panel was impressed by Nicki and David’s approach to working in partnership in a way that will allow seamless focus on the BEF’s current priorities. They both know the BEF and its Members well. They have worked together in the past and bring an innovative, energetic and forward-thinking approach. We are confident that together, they will create a collaborative environment and a platform for the BEF’s success under any future leadership.

Nicki and David join the BEF with immediate effect.