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Wales plays host to a SHI to remember

last updated on October 16, 2017 09:27

Wales plays host to a SHI to remember

Last weekend, teams from England, Scotland and host nation Wales headed to the David Broome Event Centre in Monmouthshire for this year’s Senior Home International where the English Hollies team from the Central Region claimed the victor’s spoils and sizeable trophy. A total of 134 riders made up 34 teams with 28 from England, one for Scotland and five for the home side.

The teams comprise four riders with each having a Novice, Elementary and Medium rider as standard and then they may choose an Advanced Medium or Advanced/PSG rider to complete the quartet.

On Friday, there was the opportunity to take part in warm up classes to get accustomed to the surroundings at the Welsh premier venue before all the teams went through the horse inspection. It was then on to the carnival themed opening ceremony where some teams hit the fancy dress hard!

After a great first day, it was the South West Artemis team for England who held the advantage, despite having only three riders after Benedict Raymond was forced to withdraw. Rachel Lade riding her own Oldenburg Royal Diamont took the win in the Medium for the team with a great score of 69.05% to give the team a great start while team mates Stacey Escrig and Laura Summers both posted 68%+ scores for a total of 205.88 after day one. Hot on their heels were the Southern Dom Perignon foursome, with Nicola Grainge winning the Elementary with her Sorento-sired Eminence and team mate Ben Smith making the podium in the Advanced Medium to give a score of 203.95. The Central Hollies team finished day one just a smidge behind in third with 203.78.

Sunday dawned bright and clear as the nations and regions prepared for a nail biting final day where each test was vital for to the team score. Teams climbed and slipped throughout the day and it was still any one of a handful of teams that could take the title as the final riders started their tests.

In the Medium 76, it was Anna Foster and Wanarico, by Lord Loxley, who made the biggest move of the day with a stunning 70.51% which gave the Central Hollies team just the boost they needed to leapfrog up the leaderboard after Sian Nash and Woodcroft Dream Boy posted 69.38% in the Elementary to move them above the Southern Dom Perignon team. A late charge by the Welsh Rarebit team where three of the team improved their scores on the final day by over two percent gave them a four place climb to secure third on the podium.

So it was victory for the Central Hollies team for England under Chef d’Equipe Jane Imbush while the Southern Dom Perignon quartet of Ben Smith, Craig Messenger, Nicola Grainge and Debi Arkle held fast to keep hold of second while a late surge from the Welsh Rarebits promoted them to third from seventh after day one.

The foursome from South West Aphrodite, Nicky Harding, Beth Miller, Lucy Baker and Danielle Rhodes are worthy of a mention. Lying in 21st after day one, they rode their socks off to climb a stunning 13 places up the standings to finish eighth overall – a great effort.

Three riders from the Southern region claimed individual honours including Rui Campeao riding Elenor Dimat’s Ampere seven year old Lordswood Adonis who produced the highest score in the Championship classes of the weekend, 71.83% in the Novice 38. Nicola Grainge dominated the Elementary with Eminence to win both tests while Devan Woodgate and Distaulgold, sired by the Trakehner Donaugold, also claimed their Advanced and PSG classes to win the overall honours. Anna Foster from the winning Central Hollies team was the Medium winner while Annabelle Trigg and Rockefeller 61, owned by Frances Meier, gave the Scottish contingent plenty to cheer in winning the Advanced Medium crown.

Thanks to the team and officials at the David Broome Centre for organising a great weekend and being the perfect hosts and congratulations to all our teams and their connections on being selected for your country and making it such a fantastic competition.


1st Central Hollies – 412.59
Shirley Rixon/Dornik Gold
Becky Gibbons/Duckey Bank
Anna Foster/Wanarico
Sian Nash/Woodcroft Dream Boy

2nd Southern Dom Perignon – 409.40

Ben Smith/Faran
Craig Messenger/Berlin
Nicola Grainge/Eminence
Debi Arkle/Wandering Star

3rd Welsh Rarebit – 407.52
Helen Hopwell/Freshman
Nesta Thomas/Mickey Bricks
Laura Fisher/Sam the Man Veldhoek
Helen Dutton/Valdorama D

4th Southern Bollinger – 407.25

5th Central Laurels – 406.88

6th South West Artemis – 406.79

Individual overall

Rui Campeao with Lordswood Adonis (Southern Verve Cliquot), 140.47

Nicola Grainge with Eminence (Southern Dom Perignon), 139.58

Anna Foster with Wanarico (Central Hollies), 139.33

Advanced Medium

Annabelle Trigg with Rockefeller 61 (Scotland), 134.59

Advanced/Prix St Georges
Devan Woodgate with Distaulgold (Southern Lanson), 136.66

Sunday individual

Novice 38

Rui Campeao with Lordswood Adonis (Southern Verve Cliquot), 71.83%

Elementary 59
Nicola Grainge with Eminence (Southern Dom Perignon), 70.00%

Medium 76

Anna Foster with Wanarico (Central Hollies), 70.51%

Advanced Medium 98
Amanda Leaker with Don Rico (Welsh Leeks), 69.30%

Prix St Georges

Devan Woodgate with Distulgold (Southern Lanson), 68.38%

Saturday individual

Novice 37A
Mandy Denley with Eyes On Me (Northern Falkor), 69.14%

Elementary 57

Nicola Grainge with Eminence (Southern Dom Perignon), 69.58%

Medium 75
Rachel Lade with Royal Diamont (South West Artemis), 69.05%

Advanced Medium 91

Annabelle Trigg with Rockefeller 61 (Scotland), 68.76%

Advanced 105

Devan Woodgate with Distulgold (Southern Lanson), 68.29%

Full results – click here