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New Club horse registration launched

last updated on November 13, 2017 13:52

New Club horse registration launched

Owners and riders of Associate registered horses can now upgrade to the new Club category by ringing the office.   As of 1 December, Associate registration only covers horses competing on a class ticket, to ride in Quest, Prelim Bronze and Gold, Combined Training and Associated Championships, horses will need to upgade to the new Club which is just £10 per year.

Below is the copy from an email which went to all registered owners of Associate horses:

Dear Member,

Our records show that your horse HORSE NAME is currently registered as an Associate with us.
A change in the 2018 rules means that Associate horse registration can now be only used with a class ticket when competing.

Therefore we wanted to get in contact as we’re proud to launch Club horse registration. A fantastic opportunity to compete in Quest, Prelim Bronze and Gold, Music, Combined Training and Young Horse classes for £10 for the whole year – which works out at just 83p a month.

If you’re intending on competing in any of these classes, after 30 November the horse will need a minimum of Club registration.
To upgrade your horse to Club, just give the office a call on 02476 698832. Alternatively, in December 2017 you’ll be able to upgrade or register a new Club horse online – so keep an eye out!

See you down the centre line!

Michelle, Natasha and Stacey
The Membership Team