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National Convention: Day One

last updated on November 25, 2017 15:54

National Convention: Day One

Ulf Moller and Michael Klimke presented day one of the National Convention supported by Harrison Clark Rickerbys to a full house at Hartpury College today (25 November).

Here are a few of the key points put forward by the top training duo from Germany:

- The corners are our friend not our enemy.
- Training means mistakes are allowed to happen… when you’re perfect you don’t need a trainer
- We must find a language to talk to the horse in, be effective with your aids.
- It is normal that one side is good and the other side is a bit difficult but to straighten you horse on both sides is very important.
- In training always ask the horse the questions, with bending for instance, I ask the horse to bend and then I ask the horse to stay there.
- A key word is balance. When the horse is in balance he can do the flying change, the lateral work and the advanced collected work.
- Don’t try to ride like someone, take what you learn and try it out at home. See what works for you to develop your own style.
- Every horse is an individual – we should follow what is good for them not make them whatever it is we want.
- A rider has a lot of influence over the young horse and so as the horse gets older the aids should get less and the instructions become more invisible. It still means that the horse has to follow the weight of all of the individual aids – the hands, seat, voice and legs – but the aids are a lot less.
- With a tense horse start in the stretching like a young horse… first comes relaxation then comes engagement.
- When you are in a 20 x 60 it’s a working place, don’t let the horse have a buck and a jog in the walk in the working place you can do that in a jumping arena.
- The basic jump in the canter is the platform from which you start all of the other work. Canter in the way you want for four weeks! It has to become normal for the horse.
- We need 100% at home so that you get 80% at the show. You have to know your horse’s limits and abilities.
- Ride with feel, you must be sure the horse is in front of your leg, you must feel if the horse is stronger on one side too.
- Ride effectively with your legs and make the horse feel good about himself. He has to be proud if he can do five steps he can do 15.
- Short periods of work are enough for the horse to learn.

Thanks to Ulf and Michael for a fascinating first day of training.

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