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BD Abroad: Compiègne CDIO5*/CDI3*/CDI2*/CDIYJP

last updated on May 18, 2018 11:42

BD Abroad: Compiègne CDIO5*/CDI3*/CDI2*/CDIYJP

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Compiègne CDI2*/CDI3*/CDIO5* in France (17 – 20 May 2018).

CDIO5* - Nations Cup
Henriette Andersen with Flavio, Gareth Hughes with Classic Briolinca, Becky Moody with Carinsio and Hayley Watson-Greaves with Rubins Nite.

CDI3* - Big Tour 
Charlotte Fry with Dark Legend and Sonnar Murray-Brown with Erlentanz (pictured).

CDI2* - Small Tour
Francesca Bradley with Baldovino, Charlotte Fry with Fendi T and Becky Moody with Eureko

CDIY – Young Riders
Amber Barton with Labiat and Jade Ellery with Porsche’s Eloy

CDIJ – Juniors
Jessica Sanderson with Wanour S

CDIP – Ponies
Lilah Gibbs with Non Plus Ultra, Jessie Kirby with Grayswood Orlando and Annabella Pidgley with Ine and Cognac.

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