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Winter Championships wild cards

last updated on March 06, 2019 10:59

Winter Championships wild cards

Following the successful completion of our eight Regional Championships, we're excited to announce the allocated wild cards for the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships, 3 - 7 April 2019.

The close of entries date for wild cards is tomorrow, Wednesday 6 March 2019 and NO late entries will be accepted so please get your entry in as soon as you can.

You must make your entry online via My Riding Life by visiting the Entries/Times/Results page on

Please contact the office immediately if you can't take you place at the Winter Championships so your spot can be passed down to the next eligible combination.

Congratulations to all!

KBIS Preliminary
Anne O'Brien, Ginvino H, 72.76%
Stephanie Graves, Rockwell Farrah H.F.D, 71.67%
Caitlin Borland, Diva VI, 71.26%
Gaby Botfield, Woodcroft Oscar, 71.15%
Laura Cooper, Woodlander Roxanne , 71.03%
Emma James, Balthasar II, 70.80%
Georgina Chalmers-Gray, Gems Kristina, 70.63%
Natasha Macdonald, MGcom Services Sauvey Golden Condor, 70.52%
Sophia Marston, Solitaire II, 70.46%

Blue Chip Novice Silver

Sara Malpass, Keystone Dicaprio, 71.11%
Samantha Seaton, Hookys Wish, 70.00%
Hayley Upton, Canterbury Himself, 69.94%
Jessica Williams, Loriens Graceful, 69.63%

Blue Chip Novice Gold

Becky Moody, Jagerbomb, 71.67%
Antonia Brown, SJL Generous, 70.68%
Ashley Jenkins, Don Regent, 70.49%
Jacky Stolper, Virtuoso G, 70.49%
Patsy Bartram, Greenacres Cadiz , 70.49%
Antonia Brown, Dubel Colours, 70.19%
Melissa Chapman, Ipache, 70.12%
Edward Johnson, Faberge Egg, 70.12%

Equi-Trek Elementary Silver

Richard Wood, Breezer III, 71.93%
Chelsea Tolhurst, Hermitage De Jeu, 71.56%
Carolyn Taylor, DCI Joe Black, 71.41%
Gracie Catling, Henton For Fun, 71.20%
Danielle Rhodes, Jannick, 71.20%
Hannah Powel, Show Dance, 69.79%
Jane Goodridge, D,Amore of Class, 69.74%
Jennifer Harkness, Inouk, 69.69%
William Roberts, Afortinius, 69.69%

Equi-Trek Elementary Gold

Tahley Reeve-Smith, Woodcroft Valentino, 73.33%
Maria Griffin, Cerruti, 72.08%
Sam Rahmatalla, Becky W, 71.98%
Emma Woolley, MSJ Furstin Rosa, 71.98%
Sadie Smith, Imhotep, 71.93%
Nikki Barker, San Pedro, 71.72%
Charlie Hutton, Seagry Franchessca, 71.67%
Melissa Richardson, Gravgaard's Sir Dundee, 71.46%
Ryan Todd, Mount St John Di Romantica, 71.41%

Theraplate UK Medium Silver

Rachel Taylor, Faloya, 70.27%
Hannah Bown, Sandro's Storm, 69.41%
Ben Liles, Private Number, 68.42%
Nicola Byam-Cook, Twyford Salamander, 68.38%
Sara Malpass, Pitingo II, 68.33%
Elice Willett, Gerento, 68.06%
Helen Lees, Little Walero, 67.79%
Patsy Bartram, Donnisbrock, 67.70%
Chloe Naylor, Karisma, 67.70%
Sarah Colborn , Furst Love 1, 67.66%

Theraplate UK Medium Gold

Emma Woolley, Hancock V, 72.34%
Nikki Barker, San Pedro, 70.54%
Jayne Turney, Costa III, 70.45%
Antonia Brown, Krack De, 70.14%
Maddy Whelan, Woodlander Rhythm N Blues, 70.00%
Sarah Rao, Faydirime ZH, 69.82%
Laura Wollen, Woodcroft Francisco, 69.64%
Jessica Thompson, Fenwood, 69.41%
Alex Chick, Giovanni BM, 69.01%
Bryony Goodwin, Hawtins Soave, 68.96%

Charles Owen Advanced Medium Silver

Lucy Pye, Fiderlight, 69.17%
Helen Dunning, Bojack JX, 68.99%
Charlotte Tuckwell, DHI Alligator, 68.77%
Samantha Holland, Double Check, 68.42%
Aimee Parry, Prototype, 68.25%
Anna Miller, Adonis B, 68.11%
Emma Bird, Soliman, 67.89%
Lavinia Johnson, Dublin, 67.85%
Sharon Hunt, Loughnatousa Winston, 67.63%
Carlos Parro, Calcourt Landline, 67.54%
Alice Begg, Farfan, 67.41%
Nicky Heale, Retanach Request, 67.41%
Natalie Tsuchiya, Fearless II, 67.28%
Georgina Howard, Howards Mystery, 67.19%

Charles Owen Advanced Medium Gold

Daniel Sherriff, Fx Bayford Hall Fergus, 70.53%
Jessica Thompson, Fenwood, 70.18%
Jessica Thompson, Grevens Tosca, 70.09%
Nicola Buchanan, St Giles Fairytale, 69.96%
Cornelia O'Mahony, Formidable, 69.74%
Andrew Gould, Feiner Stern II, 69.47%
Sarah Higgins, Faydirime ZH, 69.47%
Sam Duckworth, Atterupgaards O2, 69.34%
Daniel Timson, Bellagio,68.77%
Damian Hallam, Glyndebourne, 68.73% Coll 170

Magic Prix St Georges Gold

Jessica Wade, Empire H, 70.53%
Charlotte Dicker, Sabatini, 70.31%
Sarah Williams, Bohingus W, 70.22%
Lara Edwards, Jazzed Up, 69.78%
Lizzie Murray, Timolin, 69.56 %
Amy Stovold Bobo L , 69.12%
Nicola Buchanan, St Giles Fairytale, 68.99%
Becky Moody, Full Fusion BS, 68.64%
Jezz Palmer, Dutch Class, 68.25% Coll 125

Superflex Intermediate I Gold

Imogen Chant, Dirty Dancing, 72.19%
Elder Klatzko, Woodlander Little Richard, 69.78%
Becky Moody, Full Fusion BS, 68.42%
Kerry Mackin, Esquire III, 68.38%
Katrina Cantrell, Woodlander Donna Summer, 68.33%
Sarah Khairallah, Keystone Darling, 68.25%
Sarah Rao, Waldessarini, 68.11%
Sharon Edward, Rivaal, 67.76%
Sarah Higgins, Alfranco, 67.76%

Freestyle to Music Wild Cards

Baileys Horse Feeds Freestyle Novice Silver

Vicky Rutherford, Dalvangs Design, 72.04%
Sara Malpass, Keystone Dicaprio, 71.85%
Laura Marshall, Cha Cha Herself, 71.76%
Lucie Stokoe, Dolores II, 71.48%
Emma Maisey, Bogelys Corporal, 70.83%
Claire Shoesmith, Taiforgan Sir Monty, 70.56%
Sam Gawn, Big Time Classic, 70.28%
Charlotte Wells, Mission Colour, 70.28%
Stephanie Jenkins, Chamonix II, 70.19%
Darron Kaye, Flauris, 70.19%
Elizabeth Jenkins, Salsad,Amour, 70.19%

Baileys Horse Feeds Freestyle Novice Gold

Nikki Barker, Dan Icarus, 76.67%
Shelly Reeve-Smith, Gold Celeste Pilliere, 73.24%
Lynn Wickes, Pauldarys Tiger Two Sox, 72.87%
Edward Johnson, Faberge Egg, 72.59%
Lewis Carrier, Di Donato, 71.85%
Patsy Bartram, Greenacres Cadiz, 71.76% Coll 198.5

Suregrow Freestyle Elementary Silver

Ruth Almond, Igor Du Banny, 70.90%
Amanda Shirtcliffe, New Princess, 70.83%
Ashleigh Hill, Westoak Midsommer, 70.64%
Wendy Hudson, Chanel, 70.38%

Suregrow Freestyle Elementary Gold

Georgia Davis, Keystone Diego, 75.45%
Tahley Reeve-Smith, Woodcroft Valentino, 74.49%
Sue Bradshaw, Genius K, 74.23%
Jane Critchley, Firstino, 73.33%
Jade Struthers , Ev Amore Mia, 73.14%
Jacky Stolper, Virtuoso G, 72.82%

Spillers Freestyle Medium Silver

Phillippa Hamilton, Eastpoint, 72.83%
Rebecca Belshaw, Evita Vienna, 72.22%
Sophie Cox, Empire Of The Sun, 71.94%
Fiona Newall, Fendy VCG, 71.61%
Danielle Balsdon, Lord Lennox, 70.39%
Lynn Perry, My Samber Rose, 69.83%
Tracy Fall, Mount Pleasant San Lorenzo, 69.78%
Amy Foster, Pikador, 69.39% Col 318.0

Spillers Freestyle Medium Gold

Laura Wollen, Woodcroft Francisco, 72.61%
Alice Peternell , Samson IV, 72.11%
Sarah Cheetham, Stoiber's Black Pearl, 72.11%
Louise Davison, Freddie Mercury, 71.83%
Emily Harris, Fillinsky, 70.00%
Helen Dutton, Rowangarth Rhydian, 69.50%
Carmen Gammie, Champagne Bubbles, 69.28%
Clare Knowles, Corona S, 69.22% Coll 319.5

Nupafeed Freestyle Advanced Medium Silver

Tracy Fall, Mount Pleasant Fleur VII, 72.83%
Jane Littlejohn, Urban Knight, 72.56%
Chloe Naylor, Karisma, 71.06%
Mandy Day, Eaton 1, 71.00%
Stephanie Taylor, WGS Perugia, 70.67%
Patrick Troddyn, Altogether Endeavour, 69.83%
Sarah Colborn, Furst Love 1, 69.78%
Rachel Tetley, Bono, 69.67%

Nupafeed Freestyle Advanced Medium Gold

Alice Oppenheimer, Headmore Difinnity, 72.89%
Louise Davison, Freddie Mercury, 72.22%
Jezz Palmer, Obsessions Quickstep, 72.11%
Beth Bainbridge, Quatermagic, 71.67%
Jayne Turney, Cruz 111, 71.56%
Beth Bainbridge, Diggo, 71.50%
Jayne Turney, Penhaligon's Jupiter, 71.44%
Abigail Hutton, Santorini, 71.00%
Alice Peternell , Cynheidrefawr Creme de la Crème, 70.83%
Charlotte Cundall, Bam Bam, 70.72%
Lucy Amy, Rudy, 70.72%
Sarah Kingwells, The Contact People Destiny D, 69.89%