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With competition and training opportunities extending far beyond Regional and National Championships, take a look at the valued team of brands behind our wide range of programmes and championships. 

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Area Festival Series & Championships sponsor

Petplan WEB

Sponsor of the ever popular Area Festival Championships, Petplan Equine has been a leading horse and rider insurance provider since 1988. Known for their professionalism and specialist knowledge of equine insurance, Petplan aim to offer customers straightforward cover that they can rely on. Petplan offer a wide variety of flexible horse insurance and rider insurance policies which cater for all levels of experience from the happy hacker to a polo champion.

Compete in the Petplan Equine Area Festivals and want to share your story or say thanks to our sponsor? Contact the Petplan Equine Team through their website.



Para Pathway & Championships sponsor

Other Sponsors Page Equissage

The force behind our Para pathway and championships, Niagara Equissage Pulse offers a simple and convenient choice in equine therapy designed for daily use. The saddle pad design allows therapy to travel through deep muscle tissue, allowing for instant benefit from its use. The Niagara Equissage Pulse range also extends to rider therapy products.

Email if you're a para rider and want to share your stories, experience and thanks to Niagara Equissage Pulse.



Quest Championships

Other Sponsors Page Saracen

Saracen Horse Feeds are our new official sponsors from 2021! Offering a range of feeds for all horses in varying stages of life and activity, growth and development, Saracen Horse Feeds will be bringing their expert knowledge to our Quest riders.

Appreciating that every horse and pony are different, Saracen offer an interactive feed advice service; providing a personalised and detailed feeding plan for your individual horse or pony.


Aiming for Quest this year? Then Saracen Horse Feeds want to hear from you! Share your Quest stories about competing and training with them by emailing


Associated Championships sponsor

Other Sponsors Page Cavago

Cavago are our new official sponsors from 2022! The Cavago website and app opens access to the entire breadth of the horse world, spanning more than 500 breeds and over 120 different equestrian experiences at over 250 horse facilities across the globe.

This makes it a perfect match for our successful Associated Championships series, which provides a showcase for the wide variety of breeds and types of horses and ponies that train and compete with British Dressage. 

Compete in the Cavago Associated Championships and want to share your story or say thanks to our sponsor? Contact the Cavago Team through their website.


Centaur Biomechanics

Regional Championships commemorative plaques

Other Sponsors Page Centaur

Centaur Biomechanics' goal is to help riders and horses of all levels optimise their health and performance through biomechanical analysis and interpretation.

Offering rider biomechanics sessions, equine movement asymmetry assessments, biomechanics courses, workshops, seminars, products and consultancy, Centaur Biomechanics also look at how they can improve the ridden interaction between horse and rider.


Centaur Biomechanics sponsor all of the Regional commemorative plaques for both the Winter and Summer Regional Championships. If you've received a plaque from a Regional Championship you can send a message of thanks through the Centaur Biomechanics website.