Board and Committees

British Dressage is headed by a nine-strong Board of Directors under the leadership of Interim Chairman, Caroline Godfrey. Each Director has a portfolio which they're responsible for with the support of a technical committee.

The Board look at strategy, planning, vision and direction. In turn, the Senior Management Team at Meriden, supported by their teams, put the strategy into motion via an operational plan.  

Each of the nine British Dressage (BD) board directors is passionate about dressage and they give their time and expertise without receiving any payment other than expenses. The directors do the job because they have the chance to shape the future of dressage and give something back to the sport which they have enjoyed so much and want others to enjoy too.

Here's our current Board - to see what their role entails, click on the position:

Interim Chairman* Caroline Godfrey Appointed December 2021
Sport Operations Director Simon Bates Elected September 2019
Judges Director Peter Storr Elected September 2018
Finance Director Caroline Godfrey Elected September 2018 - term extended to 2023
Para Director Tracy Ormrod Elected October 2021
International Director Judy Harvey  Elected September 2018
Business Development Director Suzanne Homewood Appointed June 2019
Training Director Harry Payne Elected October 2021
BD Youth Director Claire Moir Elected September 2020

*Caroline Godfrey was appointed Interim Chair by the Board in December 2021 following the untimely death of Chairman Linda Whetstone. The Chair role will go forward for election in 2022 along with the Judges and International Directorships.

Director terms of office

A rotation system with a maximum term of service was also introduced in 1998. Each term is four years and directors have to retire at the end of the second term, allowing them to serve a maximum of eight years. However, as all the board members started at the same time, this has been staggered, so that there is continuity and we don’t end up with the whole board made up of new directors.

Any BD member can stand for election. The directors are always on the lookout for potential future directors. An advert will appear in British Dressage magazine early in the year of a vacancy falling, giving details of the position becoming vacant, asking for nominations and someone to second it. Applications are then subject to a Nominations Committee and, if approved, are then put forward for ratification at the AGM if the nominee is unchallenged. If there is more than one candidate, an election will be held in the form of a postal/electronic vote.

Technical committees

Each director is served by a committee of volunteers who are selected for their expertise within a particular field to support the relevant area of BD. 

Peter Storr - Director
Andrea Smith - 
Jane Critchley - 
Maria Eilberg - 
Pat Watts - 
Richard Baldwin - 
Leanne Wall - 
Fiona Wilson - 
Jenny Ward - 
Andrew Gardner - 

Harry Payne - Director
Claire Moir - BD Youth Rep
Dan Chapman - Stewards Rep
Alice Oppenheimer - Grand Prix Rider Rep
Anousheh Alavi - Grassroots Rider Rep
International Teams
Judy Harvey - Director and Chief Selector
Jenny Ward - Senior Selector
Jill Day - Senior Selector
Leanne Wall - Junior/YR Selector
Nikki Herbert - Junior/YR Selector
Nina Boex
Robert Oulton
Clive Halsall

Finance & Business Development
Caroline Godfrey - Director
Suzanne Homewood - Director
David Fawcus
Liz Barr
Sarah Cain
BD Youth
Claire Moir - Director
Alice Oppenheimer - BD Youth Ambassador
Anne Ratcliffe - Horse Care and Education Rep
Nina Boex - International Rep
Jo Swain - Coaching Rep
Stephen Arnett - YPP Rep
Hannah Moody - Squad Test Development Rep
Briony Cutler - BD Youth Ambassador Rep

Tracy Ormrod - Director
John Robinson
Sophie Wells - Rider Rep
Kelly Thompson - Organisers Rep
Joyce Head
Joanne Dagley-Cleworth 
Sport Operations
Simon Bates - Director
Jenny Brown - Bronze and Welfare Rep
Adrian Smith - Small Organiser Rep
Sue Price - Grassroots Judge Rep
Phillip Cheetham - Organiser, Rider & Judge Rep
Ros Ingledew - Grassroots Rules Rep
Fiona Bigwood - International Rider & Trainer Rep
Lucinda Freeman - Large Organiser Rep 
Sue Petty - List 1 Judge and UKCC Trainer Rep
Kim Ratcliffe - List 1 Judge and UKCC Trainer Rep


President and vice-president

The president and honorary vice-presidents are not board members. The president is elected by the directors to hold office for three years and is only eligible for re-election for one further period of two years. The board can choose to have up to eight vice-presidents.

Jennie Loriston-Clarke is the president, while former chairman, Desi Dillingham, is vice-president.

Regional Committees

To find out who's who in the regions, visit each of the Regional Pages.

BD HQ staff

Around 30 full and part-time staff work at our headquarters in Meriden with a team of six out in the regions. To find out more about them, their roles and how to contact them, visit Meet Our Team.