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Pony Team

NAF British Pony Team 2017

Kaposvar, Hungary on 25 – 30 July 2017

Our Team NAF quartet did us proud and secured team bronze - read the full championship story.

Team (in alphabetical order - click on the rider's name for their biog):

Megan Barratt (15) from Banbury, Oxfordshire with Susan Barratt’s Valido’s Starlight (bay, gelding, 14.2hh, 13yrs, s. Valido) 

Holly Kerslake (13) from Lifton, Devon with her own and Carl Trock’s Valhallas Zorro (black, stallion, 14.1hh, 8yrs, s. Valhallas Lord Matrafal)

Anya Kolleth (16) from All Stretton, Shropshire with Phoebe Peters’ SL Lucci (brown, gelding, 14.2hh, 15yrs, s. Lukas)

Sophie Taylor (14) from Preston, Lancashire with Becky Moody’s Madam’s Miss Maria (bay, mare, 14hh, 12yrs, s. Wolhoeve’s Silco) 

Non-travelling reserve:

Jessie Kirby (14) from Wallingford, Oxfordshire with Charlotte Dujardin’s Cruz III (chestnut, gelding, 14.1hh, 8yrs, s. Caesar 171)


Ponies 2016

Championship venue: Vilhelmsborg, Denmark
Dates: 17 - 21 August 
Website: Click here
Web report: click here


Lara Kuropatwa (15) from Malmesbury, Wiltshire with either Olivia Kuropatwa’s Mister Snowman (liver chestnut, stallion, s. The Braes My Mobility) or Samantha Brown’s Le Chiffre (chestnut, stallion, 9rs, s. Caesar 171). 2nd pony direct reserve.

Sophie Taylor (13) from Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire with Becky Moody’s Madam’s Miss Maria (bay, mare, 11yrs, s. Wolhoeve’s Silco).

Maddy Whelan (13) from Abingdon, Oxfordshire with her own Ode to Shannon (dark bay, mare, 7yrs).

Isobel Lickley (11) from Albrighton, Staffordshire with Robert and Nicola Lickley’s Gigolo (chestnut, gelding, 18yrs, s. Going East).

Non-travelling reserve:

Charlotte McDowall (14) from Highleadon, Gloucestershire with her own BKS Grand Design (bay, gelding, 8yrs, s. FS Golden Moonlight).

The Chef d’Equipe was Caroline Bell and Darryl Thickitt is Pony Team Trainer.

2015 Pony European Championships
Malmo, Sweden (5 – 9 August)

Rebecca Bell with Valido's Sunshine
Phoebe Peters with SL Lucci
Isobel Berrington with DHI Langar
Clare Hole with Rembrandt DDH

2014 Pony European Championships
Millstreet, Ireland (30 July – 1 August)

Rebecca Bell with Valido's Sunshine
Phoebe Peters with SL Lucci
Alex Hellings with Der Kleine Lord
Bethany-Rose Horobin with Gigolo

2013 Pony European Championships
Arezzo, Italy (9 – 14 July)

Rebecca Bell with Valido's Sunshine
Phoebe Peters with SL Lucci
Rose Hugh-Smith with Holsteins Derwisch
Erin Williams with Dynasty

2012 Pony European Championships
Fontainebleau, France (17 – 22 July)

Phoebe Peters with SL Lucci
Maisie Scruton with Rembrandt
Erin Williams with Dynasty
Harriette Williams with Madams Miss Maria

2011 Pony European Championships
Jaszkowo, Poland 26 – 31 July

Erin Williams with Danny Boy B or Dynasty
Maisie Scruton with Rembrandt
Aimee Witkin - Ferrari
Gabrielle Lucas with Top Star