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You can view the current British Dressage (BD) Members' Handbook by clicking on the various headings below. The rules are revised on an annual basis and come into effect from 1 December every year.

The book contains all the information you need to know to
compete in affiliated dressage, including what you and your horse are allowed to wear, what the judges are looking for and how to qualify for all the different championships.


2019 Rules - active from 1 December 2018

Download the full 2019 Members' Handbook here. (5MB)
Revised version added 19.11.18

Please note: We've issued a document of rule corrections (as at 19.11.18) - click here

Revised pages you can dowload to stick into your Members' Hanbook (please note, these are corrections not rule changes):

For the full list of tests in use for 2019 follow this link.

Should you wish to purchase a copy - click here.

Approved tack and equipment for British Dressage - a handy pictoral guide to be used in tandem with the BD Members' Handbook for clarification on tack, bits and equipment permitted under our rules. Revised 17 June 2019.




Eligibility tables

We've developed new 'flow chart' tables to help with eligibility where you answer yes or no to a series of questions - answer yes at any stage and you need to move to the next section and/or level.  They're printed in the Handbook but you can also download them as requried should you change horses, have a number of rides or want to explore your options.  Click to download and print:

My Quest All levels Intro Prelim Novice
Team Quest All levels Intro Prelim Novice
Intro   Bronze    
Prelim All sections Bronze Silver Gold
Novice All sections Bronze Silver Gold
Elementary All sections Bronze Silver Gold
Medium All sections Bronze Silver Gold
Advanced Medium All sections Bronze Silver Gold
Prix St Georges All sections Bronze Silver Gold
Inter I All Sections Bronze Silver Gold 
Inter II and GP  All sections Inter II Silver  Inter II Gold & GP  
Complete set

BD tests (Intro - GP)