Host city: Tokyo

Destination Tokyo, Japan

Japan Tokyo Tower
  • The Land of the Rising Sun - the title ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ was given to Japan during the Chinese Sui Dynasty as Japan sits due east so, from China, is where the sun rises.
  •  ‘Nippon’ or ‘Nihon’ – the Japanese name for Japan translate as ‘sun’s origin’.
  • Japan is an island country in East Asia, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean.
  • Made up of 6,852 islands – five main. About 1.6 times larger than the UK in land area.
  • Tokyo, Japan’s capital and Games host city, is 5,948 miles from London – about 9,560 km. It lies on the largest island,  Honshu.
  • Flight time is around 12 hours 15 minutes direct - around 16 hours for the horses
  • Time difference is +9 hours under GMT and +8 in BST
  • Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world - 37.5 million people live in the greater Tokyo area…the UK’s population in total currently stands at 66,435,600.. It’s also the richest city in the world
  • Made up of 23 wards (districts)
  • Played host to the 1964 Olympic Games and many venues are being reinvented in the original location including the equestrian venue
  • Mount Fuji is just 100km to the southwest of Tokyo
  • Regular seismic activity – but only minor. The last major earthquake was in 1923
  • Rail in the main way to travel – but they do drive on the left!
  • Tourist list:  Shibuya Crossing, themed cafes, Fuji-Q theme park, Sumo, Onsen and Sento, Senso-ji temple, Mt Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Ginza shopping and Tokyo Skytree.
  • The summer climate is hot and humid with temperatures in July and August of around 35oC and humidity upwards of 80%.
  • Rainfall in July and August is typically 100 – 150 mm. There’s a possibility of tornadoes and typhoons during these months but not usually of significant strength.

Our venue - Bajikoen

Baji Koen Equestrian Park Artist Impression
  • Central Tokyo venues are hosed in two zones – the Tokyo Bay Zone and the Heritage Zone.
  • The 2020 equestrian venue is located on the same site used in the 1964 Games.
  • The main equestrian venue is Bajikoen in the Setagya area of Tokyo where most of the action takes place. The Bajikoen park is owned by the Japanese Racing Authority. The cross country phase of the eventing will be hosted at Sea Forest – adjacent to the rowing venue. Sea Forest is a manmade island created just for the Games to host the eventing cross country.
  • New purpose built stable blocks – with air conditioning and groom’s accommodation on site.