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International competition

Many of our BD Youth riders go on to reach the very top levels of International success and balance their school life with travelling across Europe to compete with the very best.

This page contains all the latest information for riders preparing for their busy international seasons as well as need to know facts for new riders aiming for GB squads and CDI’s.

Please note: The FEI dressage tests for Juniors and Young Riders have had minor updates for 2017 (effective from 1 January 2017), please click here to view the tests and make sure you're fully up-to-date!

Viewing days for Pony, Junior and Young Rider 

A Viewing Day for Pony Riders looking to gain a place on either the Pony Prime or Progress Squad Training is held each Autumn. The date for 2017 is Saturday 23 September and will be held at The Unicorn Trust, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire GL54 1JZ

Riders who are recommended by their region and those who would like to take part and meet the criteria, need to apply in writing to the BD office (Officer, Sharon Weir) for a Viewing Day at their relevant age level.

Download full information here

Junior and Young Rider
Junior and Young Rider National Squads are drawn up each year following a Viewing Day. The date for 2017 is Saturday 4 November and will be held at Onley EC, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 8AJ

These are for combinations consistently achieving or who are, in the Selectors opinion, capable of achieving the following percentages:

Junior Riders (Prime and Progress Squads): 69% and above at Advanced Medium
Young Riders (Prime and Progress Squads): 69% and above at Prix St Georges

Download full information here
Download application form here


To view the FEI Pony tests (2012), click here

FEI Rider Specifications (for national / international teams)

Under 11s (Regional only)
From the beginning of the calendar year of their 6th birthday, to the end of the calendar year of their 11th birthday.

Children on Horses/Under 14s
From the beginning of the calendar year of their 12th birthday to the end of the calendar year of their 14th birthday. Ponies or horses are eligible for CDI competitions but must be six years old of over. For FEI Championship events riders must be on horses only.

Pony Rider/Under 16s
From the beginning of the calendar year of their 12th birthday to the end of the calendar year of their 16th birthday. Ponies must be 148 cms or under (14.2hh) and five years old or over. For FEI competitions ponies must be six years old and over.

Junior Rider/Under 18s
From the beginning of the calendar year of their 14th birthday to the end of the calendar year of their 18th birthday, riding horses only. Horses must be five years old or over. For FEI competitions horses must be six years old and over.

Young Rider/Under 21s
From the beginning of the calendar year of their 16th birthday to the end of the calendar year of their 21st birthday. Young Riders must ride horses who are six years old and over for National and over seven years old for FEI competitions.

U25s Grand Prix
This category is for riders up to the age of 25. Horses must be a minimum of eight years old and over for FEI competitions as the tests are above Intermediate I level.

FEI tests and format for Under 25s Squads

The International Organisation is the FEI and the standards of the tests are as follows:

Pony Riders - These tests include walk pirouettes, half passes and simple changes
Juniors - These tests include flying changes
Young Riders - These tests include canter half-pirouettes and flying changes of leg.

CDI competitions at Under 21s levels start with the FEI Team test followed by the FEI Individual test. The top 12 to 18 ranked combinations in the Individual go forward to the Freestyle test.

Some venues will run a consolation class which can either feature the Team/Individual test or the Freestyle test ran as a small final.

Under 25s Grand Prix combinations competing at CDIOU25s or Championships will ride the Intermediate II followed by the Grand Prix 16-25 test. Qualified combinations then ride a Grand Prix Freestyle.

Copies of the FEI tests are available from British Dressage (at 50p each plus an A5 SAE) or can be downloaded direct from the FEI website


Juniors & Young Riders:

Nikki Herbert and Leanne Wall. Advisor: Islay Auty.
Please contact Sharon Weir for information on how to get in touch. 

Andrew Harris (Chief Selector) and Sue McMahon. Jenny Ward (policy advisor)
Contact details for the chief selector are as follows:

Andrew Harris
3 Indus Road
Tel: 01590 681001

Progress charts to log your competition results should be sent on a regular basis to your relevant Chief Selector. These are enclosed with this pack and more can be obtained by sending an A5 SAE to Sharon Weir at British Dressage or downloading here: U21/BD Youth Progress Chart

Training Dates For 2017/18

Pony Prime Squad Training

23 Sep 2017 Viewing Day - The Unicorn
23 - 24 Oct 2017 Onley EC, Rugby
11 - 12 Nov 2017 Onley EC, Rugby
16 - 17 Dec 2017 Onley EC, Rugby
24 - 25 Mar 2018 The Unicorn, Stow on the Wold

Pony Progress Squad Training

14 - 15 Oct 2017 Swallowfield
11 - 12 Nov 2017 Onley EC
16 - 17 Dec 2017 Onley EC
10 - 11 Mar 2018 Swallowfield

FEI Team Test Training

13 - 14 Jan 2018 Onley EC, Rugby
3 - 4 Feb 2018 Onley EC, Rugby

For British riders to be competitive in international events it's important that they familiarise themselves with the FEI tests. The FEI Team Test riding/training sessions are aimed at helping Pony riders work on any areas that need improvement in the Pony Team Test, International FEI Judges will judge the tests on the first day followed by individual training sessions to work on the test (from the Saturday) with the Prime and Progress trainers on the Sunday.

These days will be open to all Pony riders who are eligible and who are planning on riding the FEI Pony Tests in competition in 2017/18.

Training fees for these sessions will be £160 per weekend (stabling/catering costs are not included).

Scores from these sessions will be monitored and will be used towards eligibility for international competition selection.

Qualification for Test Riding sessions

Combinations who wish to enter official test riding sessions must, within the preceding calendar year, provide two results of 63% or above from two separate judges at official British Dressage competitions in the following tests: Medium 73, Medium 75, Medium 76, FEI Pony Team or Individual. PYO classes are acceptable. H/C results are not acceptable.

To download an application form click here.

Junior/YR Squad Training

4 Nov 2017 Viewing Day - The Onley EC
2 Dec 2017 The Unicorn
6 - 7 Jan 2018 The Unicorn
10 - 11 Feb 2018 The Unicorn

High Performance Camps 2017/18

2 - 3 Dec 2017 Solihull Riding Club
13 - 14 Jan 2018 Solihull Riding Club
3 - 4 Feb 2018 Solihull Riding Club

Prime / Progress / Training Squads

Pony, Junior and Young Riders National Squads are drawn up each year following a viewing day. These are for combinations consistently achieving or who are, in the Selectors opinion, capable of achieving the following percentages - Pony riders scores of 68% or above in FEI Pony Team Tests; Junior riders 70% and above at Advanced Medium level and Young Riders 70% at Prix St Georges and above. 

Squad Training
Riders selected onto Squads will be invited, at the request of the Chief Selector via the British Dressage office, to attend Test Riding/Training sessions.

Premier League Shows
All Premier League shows hold FEI Team Tests for Ponies, Juniors and Young Riders. These will be part of the Selection process and some may be compulsory. Riders competing at FEI Team Test level and wishing to be considered for International competitions and European Teams MUST compete at Premier League shows.

Selection policies for Pony, Junior & Young Riders

Pony Selection Policy 2018
Junior / COH / Young Rider Selection Policy 2018

The current squads

2017/18 Pony Prime Squad - following the Viewing Day on 23 September:
Megan Barratt with Valido's Starlght
Bonnie Bourne with Fin C We
Holly Kerslake with Valhallas Zorro
Jessie Kirby with Grayswood Orlando
Isobel Lickley with Gigolo
Gemma Owen with Der Kleine Lord
Annabella Pidgley with Farbenfroh
Annabella Pidgley with Cognac
Sophie Taylor with George Clooney BS
Hermione Tottman with Brasil
Sophie Williams with Ella
Olivia Wrennall with Donna Schuflo 

2017/18 Pony Progress Squad - following the Viewing Day on 23 September:
Emily Archer with Top Star
Lavinia Johnson with Dublin
Olivia Langley with Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel
Lily Laughton with Armada Magic Cadillac
Ronni-Mae Morgan with BKS Brandini
Charlotte Neal with Rober
Emma Neil with Sheepcote Romeo
Emilia Nelson with Waxwing Archimedes
Emilia Nelson with WFS Top Red
Natasha Powell-Richards with Cyden Oosting Amigo
Hermione Tottman with Chocolatier Deluxe WE
Molly Tulloch with DHI Lionceau 
RESERVE: Alice Knight with Pamporis
RESERVE: Holly James with Speykbosch Diablo
RESERVE: Scarlett John with Felinmoor Buddy
RESERVE: Zoe Florence with Hirstmund Merlot

2017 Junior Prime Squad:
Ottilie Bardsley with Darina O
Isobel Berrington with Bing
Emma Bond with Limewalk
Emily Bradshaw with Remarkable
Alex Hellings with Uvender V
Abbie Newbury with Disneyland
Rose Hugh-Smith with Dutch Discovery

2017 Junior Progress Squad:
Angus Corrie-Deane with Walter's Fable/Tiny Tempur
Jessica Sanderson with Wanour S
India Sheridan with Ardi
Maddy Whelan with Monsieur Pomerol

2017 Young Rider Prime Squad:
Rebecca Edwards with Ufano II/Don Archie
Charlotte Fry with Dark Legend/Z Flemmenco
Ruth Hole with Winnetou GEP
Ellie McCarthy with Donna Summer
Robyn Smith with Foold Uz
Joanna Thurman-Baker with Highcliffe Apollo

2017 Young Rider Progress Squad:
Amber Barton with Labiat
Immogen Chant with World Dancer
Ella Cotterill with Sheepcote Casablanca
Charlotte Dicker with Sabatini
Carmen Gammie with Amalia B
Anna Jesty with Aquiro
Phoebe Peters with Cyden Cadans M
Lauren Phillips with Hot Chocolate
Erin Williams with Calibre

2017 Children on Horses:

Lily Payne with Beckhouse Cancara

The U21 teams are supported by UK Sport, through the lottery funded World Class Programmes.

The Squads are under constant review and riders can be moved up and down according to their current situation and the moves are to help the riders in their development.

Selectors reserve the right to amend these lists as appropriate.

To find out more about the FEI, the tests and rules, click here.