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Team competitions


There are a number of opportunities for Senior, Para and Youth riders to train and qualify to be selected to represent their region in a team. It's a great way to learn, experience team competition, make friends for life and have the best time ever!

Home International - held annually for Senior, Para and Youth riders, this competition brings together Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales to go head to head. You'll ride for your country within regions and get the chance to wear your national flag.

Inter Regional - for Senior and Youth riders, here the eight regions battle it out for the honour of being the best in Great Britain.

Teams are made up of three or four riders and the make up of levels is different for each competition. The 2018 calendar is:

Para Home International (Schedule) Vale View, Leicestershire 27 - 29 Apr
Senior Inter Regional (Schedule) Keysoe, Bedfordshire 12 - 13 May
Youth Inter Regional (Schedule) Keysoe, Bedfordshire 30 Jun - 1 Jul
Youth Home International (Schedule) Moreton, Dorset 3 - 5 Aug
British U25 Championships (Schedule) Sheepgate, Lincolnshire 20 - 25 Aug
Senior Home International (Schedule) Bishop Burton, Humberside 31 Aug - 2 Sep

You'll have to be selected to compete so there are some requirements to be considered including scores and attending regional training.  If you're interested, have a read of the Selection Policy for each category:

Senior Regional Selection Policy Para Regional Selection Policy BD Youth Regional Selection Policy

You'll need to keep a 'diary' of your achievements in your Progress Chart which you submit as part of the selection process:


Home International (application form)

PDF       WORD

Inter Regional
Para Home International  
BD Youth Home International Sheepgate

Contact your RDO or Senior Rider Rep, Para or Youth Rep to learn more and register your interest in being selected. Good luck!