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Wales region


Regional Development Officer, Wales - Vanessa Archer
Tel 07398 763414 
For those of you who don't know me, I am Vanessa Archer the Regional Development Officer for Wales. I have been doing the role since February 2016. I have a background in Equestrian Event Management and worked at The David Broome Event Centre for 10 years. Any Questions regarding BD Wales, please get in touch. Email Vanessa

Keep up to date with what's on in Wales on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.



A BD Wales Newsletter is emailed out to all members once or twice a month with updates on Regional Training and Events. To have a look at past newsletters or to join our mailing list, click on the link below. 

Past Newsletters


 Regional Committee

In Wales we have a Regional Committee of volunteers who help to run the region. Each commitee member has their own area of expertise. Meet the team that keep Wales on the map! 

Chairman - Stephen Arnett - 07974 479677 - Email Steve 

Youth Representative - Sioned Roberts -  07960 618099 - Email Sioned 

Senior Training Representative - Sue Cottrell - 07787 510568 - Email Sue 

Coaching Representative - Amanda Leaker - 07980 309398 - Email Amanda 

Para Representative - Tracy Ormrod - 07973 616497 - Email Tracy 

Judges Representative - Dianne Breeze - 07491 531953 - Email Dianne  

Marketing Representative - Sarah Dalland-Jones - 07470 041663 - Email Sarah


Additional Volunteers and Coordinators
Youth Ambassador and South West Wales Clinic Organiser - Briony Cutler - 07889 817609 - Email Briony 
Youth Ambassador - Francesca Bradley - 07584991995 
North Wales (East) Youth Clinic Organiser - Angela Townsend - 01244 660347/ 07789 225873 - Email Angela 

 South Wales
Beacons Equestrian - BD, Quest Club
Lower Stocklands - BD, Quest Club
Coleg Sir Gar - BD, Para Dressage
Little Mill Equestrian -  Quest Club and BD 2018 onwards! 
Sunnybank EC - BD, Quest Club (New to 2018!)

West Wales
Lluest EC - BD, Quest Club, Para PYO
Moor Farm - BD, Quest Club

Mid Wales
Radfords Equestrian - BD, Quest Club, Para PYO

North Wales
Northop College - BD, Quest Club, Para Dressage
Marian Bach - Quest Club only
Trefor Stables - Quest Club only


We host a variety of training including clinics, test riding, camps, fitness, social activities, yard visits, lecture demos and seminars. All of our training is available to book online on a site called BookWhen. Follow the link to see our full list of forthcoming training dates.


If there is a trainer you’d like to see used in your area please email Vanessa. If you are struggling to book on to a clinic please get in touch. 



Training Venues in Wales

South Wales

West Wales
Mid Wales

North Wales

Team Events 

Each year, all 8 British Dressage Regions send selected teams to various team events to battle it out for those vital podium places and rosettes. If you are interested in representing Wales then you have to be regularly attending BD training and BD competitions. Riders submit their training attendance dates and BD competition scores to be selected. We send Senior, Para and Youth Teams.
The team events are a lot of fun and a great way to meet other dressage riders in the Region. Here are the 2016 and 2017 highlights!
Youth Home International 2016 and 2017 
Para Home International 2016
Senior Home international 2016 and 2017
Team Selection 2018 - What you need to know

Every time you attend BD training and BD competitions, your attendance and scores could count towards you being selected to represent Wales. If you regularly attend training and compete then you may already have what is required to represent Wales on either a Senior, Para or Youth Team.
Each team event has a cut off date for you to submit your competition and training records. 

Click here to view the 2018 Team Selection Policies and Progress Charts

Selection Policies apply to the selection of riders / teams for the following events:

  • Para Home International
  • Senior Inter Regional Competition
  • Youth Inter Regional Competition
  • Youth Home International
  • Sheepgate Under 25s Championships
  • Senior Home International

All teams for all events will be selected in accordance with the Regional Selection Policy 2018 and BD Rules 2018. Please look at Section 9 - Team Competitions in the BD Members Handbook 2018 for rules of these events. 

Senior Training and Teams


Wales Senior Regional Representative: 

Sue Cottrell - Contact Number: 07787 510568 - EMAIL SUE 

All Senior Wales events and training are available to view and book online: BOOKWHEN 

If you would like additional training or a cetain trainer in your area please get in touch with the Senior Rep or the RDO. 


Senior Team Events to aim for in 2018 are: 

 SENIOR INTER REGIONAL COMPETITION, Keysoe EC, Bedfordshire, 12th - 13th May 2018

SENIOR HOME INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION, Bishop Burton College, Humberside, 31st August - 2nd September 2018

 All teams for all events will be selected in accordance with the Regional Selection Policy 2018 and BD Rules 2018.


  BD Wales Youth

 Training and Teams Competitions

Wales Youth Regional Representative: 

Sioned Roberts - Contact Number – 07960 618099 - EMAIL SIONED

All BD Wales Youth events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN

If you are aged between 11 and 25 you are eligible to become a BD Youth Rider. From the Under 12 Squad to the A Squad, you can find out more about the Youth Squadding structure by contacting BD Wales Youth Rep Sioned Roberts.

Please note: For Under 12 squad (previously Fledglings) the age is defined as ‘To the end of the year of their 11th birthday’. 

BD Wales Youth Teams to aim for in 2018 are:

YOUTH INTER REGIONAL COMPETITION, Keysoe EC, Bedfordshire, 30th June - 1st July 2018


BRITISH DRESSAGE UNDER 25’s CHAMPIONSHIPS, Sheepgate EC, 20th - 25th August 2018

 All teams for all events will be selected in accordance with the Regional Selection Policy 2018 and BD Rules 2018.

Para Training and Teams 

Wales Para Regional Representative:

Tracy Ormrod - 07973 616497 - EMAIL TRACY 

All Welsh Para events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN 

 Getting started with PARA

For further information on competing, or to request a free booklet to help get you started, contact Rachel our BD Para Dressage Officer tel: 02476 698837.

PARA National Calendar - locate all regional events and national competitions. You can also view our Getting started webpage!


Para Teams Events to aim for in 2018 are:

PARA HOME INTERNATIONAL, 27th - 29th April 2018

 Para Guide to Home Internationals and Competing Internationally

 Other helpful information

 PARA Classification Policy - 

 Click here

 FEI PARA Equestrian Classification Manual  - 

 Click Here

 National Classification Forms - 

 Click Here

 British Blind Sport Information - 

 Click Here

 PARA /RDA Dressage National Classification Policy - 

 Click here

PARA Dressage Competition Guide

 Bishop Burton International FAQ's

British Dressage PARA Home page 


Wales Judges Regional Representative:

Dianne Breeze - 07491 531953 - EMAIL DIANNE 

All Welsh Judges events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN

Are you interested becoming a Judge? There is a new system in place for exams and how to apply to become one. 

How do I become a Judge?

Judge Testing System

Judge Testing FAQ's

National Judges Calendar - this shows all training and events for all Regions. 

 Wales Coaches - UKCC

Wales Coaching Regional Representative:

 Amanda Leaker - 07980 309398 - EMAIL AMANDA

All Welsh Coaching events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN . Or please contact Amanda Leaker our Coaching rep for any advice on training in Wales. 

UKCC Guide

For all booking enquiries or information regarding UKCC please contact Kelsey Smith & Viki Decesare at BD head office.


2017 Team Results 

Para Home International 7 - 9 April 2017

A much depleted Wales presence this year due to illness both horse and rider. Our 2 Welsh riders joined teams from other regions. Denise Smith joined a North West team which came 3rd overall and Janette Edwards joined a Northern team which was placed 8th. The North West Para Rep was thrilled to be placed 3rd as they have never had a team higher than 8th position in the past so I’m sure that Denise was a great asset!

We also had some successes in the individual classes. Out of the four tests that Denise entered, she had 3 x 1st and 1 x 3rd. Janette came 2nd in the grade 4 silver section in the summer qualifier with 66.9%, she had 3rd place in the silver grade 4 64.66% (3rd with one judge and 1st with the other) and a 2nd place with 63.45% (second from both judges). Both Welsh riders thoroughly enjoyed the show and were grateful for the support from Disability Sport Wales!

Above: Denise Smith and the North West gang

Above: Janette Edwards joins team Northern

Senior Inter Regionals 13 - 14 May 2017 Press Release

The roar of the dragon could be heard far and wide at the British Dressage Senior Inter-regional Championships with Welsh teams flying the flag for the country.

Earning a massive 3 top 10 places from the 32 teams that were entered at the championships at Keysoe over the weekend of May 13 and 14, the Welsh riders and their dancing partners picked up some cracking scores.

The second place team overall (having just been pipped to the first-place podium by 0.6%) were It’s Not Unusual, comprising of Sue Cottrell, Laura Fisher, Briony Cutler and Amy Daye.

What’s New Pussycat roared in at 4th place thanks to the riding of Helen Hopewell, Georgia Herbert, Sam Whyley and Stef Mando-Mansell with Burning down the House pulling in 8th place with riders Sam Evans, Steph Bradley, Tracy Ormrod and Michelle Donald.

The individual scores were top-notch also, with many up in the 70s as a regular theme all weekend, such as  Laura Fisher’s 70.44% for her Medium test on her 16.2h Belgium Warmblood, Ozzy, and Stef Dando Mansell’s super-impressive 74.3% for her Prelim test on the first day of the show.

Some of the teams comprised of riders in their first year of Seniors, with previous BYRDS Georgia Herbert and Briony Cutler contributing to the podium placings, along with previous Seniors team riders and other newcomers to the squad.

What a fantastic start to the season for Team Wales! 


Youth Inter Regionals 1 - 2 July 2017 Press Release

Sweet Success For Welsh Youth Riders

The 2017 inter Regionals was massively successful for the twenty Welsh riders that attended at the start of July.

Taking place at Keysoe, team Wales had a strong showing of riders from all squad levels.  The Gobstoppers team picked up a 4th in the overall team placings, while some of our young riders picked up some rather sweet individual ribbons too!

Riding the C Squad test (section A) on her pony Yarty Welsh Jack, twelve year old Catrin Stewart placed 2nd overall from the 32 riders in her class, with Pear Drops team member Ella Preston ranking 6th on her own Morrigan Shae.

Fifth and sixth placed went to Harri Williams and Erin George respectively in the C Squad sec B class, with Katie-Leigh Rees and her pony Amber picking up a 9th overall.

The sweet smell of success didn’t stop there either with team Wales riders also achieving top ten placings in the B Squad and A squad classes.

The Inter Regionals competition differs from the regular dressage competitions. Each rider rides a test based on the scales of training, which is appropriate to their level of riding. The test shows the skills and abilities of all riders on the squad level and takes into account the expertise of the rider and the partnership they have with their horse or pony.

We’d like to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support – without their investment into the training and development of our Welsh riders we wouldn't be unable to achieve such fabulous results. 


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