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Wales region


Regional Development Officer, Wales - Vanessa Archer
Tel 07398 763414
For those of you who don't know me, I am Vanessa Archer the Regional Development Officer for Wales. I have been doing the role since February 2016. I have a background in Equestrian Event Management and worked at The David Broome Event Centre for 10 years. Any Questions regarding BD Wales, please get in touch. Email Vanessa

Keep up to date with what's on in Wales on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.



A BD Wales Newsletter is emailed out to all members once or twice a month with updates on Regional Training and Events. To have a look at past newsletters or to join our mailing list, click on the link below. 

Past Newsletters

Membership Information

 Regional Committee

In Wales we have a Regional Committee of volunteers who help to run the region. Each commitee member has their own area of expertise. Meet the team that keep Wales on the map! 


This year we welcome new BD Wales Chairman Mike Mullis!

Here are a few words from Mike:


'For those who do not know me, I am a retired Army Officer and Police Officer, who has spent the past 35 years as a volunteer within the Army Cadet Force; a youth organisation. I learnt to ride at Sandhurst, and was a member of the Great Britain Team that went to the Modern Pentathlon World Championships in 1973. I have been a competing member of BD for 10+ years, although at a lower level, so hopefully I bring a lot of experience to the role, but have a lot still to learn, so I will be listening to all the advice I receive.

As a Wales team, I am sure working together we can see BD Wales achieving greater success over all areas in 2019, and who knows what we can achieve? I look forward to meeting many of you as I visit competitions, so good luck to all of you.'

Chairman - Mike Mullis - 07706 940315 - Email Mike 

Youth Representative - Kelly Bergheim -  07792 735909 - Email Kelly

Senior Training Representative - Sue Cottrell - 07787 510568 - Email Sue - Currently under recruitment

Coaching Representative - Amanda Leaker - 07980 309398 - Email Amanda 

Para Representative - Tracy Ormrod - 07973 616497 - Email Tracy 

Judges Representative - Dianne Breeze - 07491 531953 - Email Dianne  

Marketing Representative - Sarah Dallard-Jones - 07470 041663 - Email Sarah

Quest Club Representative - Lorry Davies - 07940 449002 - Email Lorry


South Wales
The David Broome Event Centre - BD, Para Dressage, Quest Club
Beacons Equestrian - BD, Quest Club, Music Classes
Pencoed College - BD shows scheduled for 2020
Lower Stocklands - BD, Quest Club
Coleg Sir Gar - BD, Para Dressage
Severnvale EC - BD, Quest Club
Little Mill Equestrian - BD, Quest Club
Sunnybank EC - BD, Quest Club 
Ponderosa EC - Quest Club only 
Ynysymond Stables - Quest Club only 
West Wales
Lluest EC - BD, Quest Club, Para PYO
Moor Farm - BD, Quest Club

Mid Wales
Radfords Equestrian - BD, Quest Club, Para PYO, Music Classes

North Wales
Northop College - BD, Quest Club, Para Dressage
Marian Bach - Quest Club only
Trefor Stables - Quest Club only
Whitegate Farm - BD - New venue, shows will be added for 2020

Our biannual Organiser's Conference produced some great information in 2018. Please follow the link to view the presentations.


We host a variety of training including clinics, test riding, camps, fitness, social activities, yard visits, lecture demos and seminars. All of our training is available to book online on a site called BookWhen. Follow the link to see our full list of forthcoming training dates.


If there is a trainer you’d like to see used in your area please email Vanessa. If you are struggling to book on to a clinic please get in touch. 


Don't forget that you can use Flexi-Training to book your lessons. You arrange the date, time and venue with your chosen Coach. See our full list of Flexi-Trainers.


Training Venues in Wales

South Wales
Ash Cottage Stables
West Wales
Mid Wales

North Wales

Team Events 

Each year, all 8 British Dressage Regions send selected teams to various team events to battle it out for those vital podium places and rosettes. If you are interested in representing Wales then you have to be regularly attending BD training and BD competitions. Riders submit their training attendance dates and BD competition scores to be selected. We send Senior, Para and Youth Teams.
The team events are a lot of fun and a great way to meet other dressage riders in the Region. 
BD Wales Clothing!
Don't forget your BD Wales regional clothing! Ideal for team events!

Team Selection - What you need to know

Every time you attend BD training and BD competitions, your attendance and scores could count towards you being selected to represent Wales. If you regularly attend training and compete then you may already have what is required to represent Wales on either a Senior, Para or Youth Team.
Each team event has a cut off date for you to submit your competition and training records. 

Click here to view the 2019 Team Selection Policies

Selection Policies apply to the selection of riders / teams for the following events:

  • Para Home International
  • Senior Inter Regional Competition
  • Youth Inter Regional Competition
  • Youth Home International
  • Sheepgate Under 25s Championships
  • Senior Home International

All teams for all events will be selected in accordance with the Regional Selection Policy 2019 and BD Rules 2019. Please look at Section 2, page 146 - Regional Team Competitions in the BD Members Handbook 2019 for rules of these events. 

Senior Training and Teams


Wales Senior Regional Representative: 

Sue Cottrell - Contact Number: 07787 510568 - EMAIL SUE 

All Senior Wales events and training are available to view and book online: BOOKWHEN 

If you would like additional training or a cetain trainer in your area please get in touch with the Senior Rep or the RDO. 

Senior Team Events to aim for in 2019 are: 

 SENIOR INTER REGIONAL COMPETITION, Keysoe EC, Bedfordshire, 11th - 12th May 2019

SENIOR HOME INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION, Wellington, Hampshire, 18th - 20th October 2019

 All teams for all events will be selected in accordance with the Regional Selection Policy 2019 and BD Rules 2019.

Senior Team Selection Presentation - A step by step guide!


  BD Wales Youth

 Training and Teams Competitions

Wales Youth Regional Representative: 

Kelly Bergheim - Contact Number – 07792 735909 - EMAIL KELLY

What is BD Youth? Click here for our complete guide.

All BD Wales Youth events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN

If you are aged between 11 and 25 you are eligible to become a BD Youth Rider. 

BD Wales Youth Teams to aim for in 2019 are:

YOUTH INTER REGIONAL COMPETITION, Keysoe EC, Bedfordshire, 29th - 30th June 2019

YOUTH HOME INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION, Arena UK, Grantham, 27th - 28th July 2019

BRITISH DRESSAGE UNDER 25’s CHAMPIONSHIPS, Sheepgate EC, 19th - 24th August 2019

 All teams for all events will be selected in accordance with the Regional Selection Policy 2019 and BD Rules 2019.

Para Training and Teams 

Wales Para Regional Representative:

Tracy Ormrod - 07973 616497 - EMAIL TRACY 

All Welsh Para events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN 

 Getting started with PARA

For further information on competing, or to request a free booklet to help get you started, contact Natasha Pearce our BD Para Dressage Officer tel: 02477 087803.

PARA National Calendar - locate all regional events and national competitions. You can also view our Getting started webpage!

Para Teams Events to aim for in 2019 are:

PARA HOME INTERNATIONAL, 11th - 12th May 2019

 Para Guide to Home Internationals and Competing Internationally

 Other helpful information

 PARA Classification Policy - 

 Click here

 FEI PARA Equestrian Classification Manual  - 

 Click Here

 National Classification Forms - 

 Click Here

 British Blind Sport Information - 

 Click Here

 PARA /RDA Dressage National Classification Policy - 

 Click here

PARA Dressage Competition Guide

 Bishop Burton International FAQ's

British Dressage PARA Home page 


Wales Judges Regional Representative:

Dianne Breeze - 07491 531953 - EMAIL DIANNE 

All Welsh Judges events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN

Are you interested becoming a Judge? There is a new system in place for exams and how to apply to become one. 

How do I become a Judge?

National Judges Calendar - this shows all training and events for all Regions. 

 Wales Coaches - UKCC

Wales Coaching Regional Representative:

 Amanda Leaker - 07980 309398 - EMAIL AMANDA

All Welsh Coaching events and training are available to view and book online - BOOKWHEN . Or please contact Amanda Leaker our Coaching rep for any advice on training in Wales. 

UKCC Information and Course Dates

For all booking enquiries or information regarding UKCC please contact Viki Dicesare at BD Head Office.


2019 Team Results 

Senior Inter Regionals 10 - 12 May 2019, Keysoe

Welsh Dressage Riders Dominate the 2019 Senior Inter Regionals

On Friday 10th May 2019, 25 Dressage riders, their horses and supporters set off from the four corners of Wales for Keysoe, the Competition and Livery Venue near Bedford, to compete in the annual Senior Inter Regionals.

Wales for the first time in memory were sending a total of 6 teams to this competition, with teams comprising of one rider competing at each level, Prelim, Novice, Elementary and Medium. The teams also included many riders who had never represented Wales in Dressage, so an even bigger challenge for them.

By Friday evening, all had negotiated the motorway challenges, and had settled horses into their temporary homes, and riders were starting to get to know their teams and make new friends, as the horses were doing in the Welsh block of the stables.

The Competition commenced with an optional warm up class on the Saturday morning before the real competition started on Saturday lunch time when Wales were taking on 28 other teams of the best selected British Dressage riders from across the UK.

Tension was high within the Wales camp, but team members supported each other and we saw some fantastic individual results by the end of the first round of competition tests.  Nine of our riders were in the top ten of their classes and one of the Welsh teams was lying in second place on Saturday evening. The team enjoyed a relaxed evening whilst the horses settled in the great stables at the venue, all getting ready for the second day of competition on Sunday.

Sunday started early with the Welsh riders carrying on from where we left off on Saturday with further great individual results and people glued to the competition results sheets to see how they had done over all, and individually we had some great results.

The Prelim individual title belonged to Briony Cutler (from Carmarthenshire) and Pantywaun Branwen (Tynyrheol Lloyd x Buckswood Idris). Briony and ‘Bron’, a 12 year old black Welsh Cob mare owned by Caroline Richards, followed their second place on Saturday with a runaway 72.92% victory Sunday for an overall score of 71.16%. We also saw Sioned Jones (from Conwy) riding Champagne Charlie come 4th overall and Emma Thompson-Warren (from Carmarthenshire) riding Ralphy come 9th out of a class of 24 riders.

In the Novice Competition of 34 riders, Sue Cottrell (from Flintshire) riding Charcot Showman came 2nd overall, only .46% behind the winner.  Kimberley Heginbotham (from Conwy) riding Machno Bond was in 4th place and Amy Daye (from Bridgend) riding Prince William MBS took the 5th rosette, only 2.2% behind the winner.

In the Elementary Competition of 34 riders Elizabeth Thomas (from Carmarthenshire) riding Cynfelin Rockstar came 2nd and Stefanie Mansell (from Pembrokeshire) riding Bellevue Irish Pride took 6th place overall.

Finally in the Medium Competition of 31 riders Helen Hopewell (from Wrexham) came 2nd overall and Catherine Mason (from Liverpool) riding Velinn ll came 9th individually. In all,10 of our riders were in the top ten of their classes overall at the end of the competition.

These results put the team on a high but none of us expected the team results which followed this. Dragon power was in evident with the prolific results of the teams who travelled from Wales. Out of 34 teams entered into the competition, Wales saw 5 of its 6 teams in the top ten.

2nd  Wales Balerion – Sue Cottrell, Anita Jones, Sioned Jones, Stephanie Dando-Mansell - 409.182

3rd  Wales Faranth – Amy Daye, Nicky Fletcher, Helen Hopewell, Emma Thompson-Warren - 407.755

5th  Wales Norberta – Briony Cutler, Tracy Ormrod, Eliza Stanford-Roberts, Vicky Western - 407.449

6th Wales Drogon – Ruth Gladman, Catherine Mason, Kimberley Heginbotham, Sarah Davies – 405.208

9th Wales Icefyre – Elizabeth Thomas, Amy Foster, Gillian Smith, Jeanette Macwhinnie – 403.962

No other Region achieved more than one team in the top ten, which reflects on the Welsh riders as to how well they did during this competition.  The Welsh team and supporters were stunned, and as they faced the return journey back to Wales, riders, horses and supporters were feeling very tired but elated at what they had achieved during the weekend. We now look forward to the Home International competition later in the year, the signs are promising. Well done all those who participated in the weekend, you have done yourselves proud as well as Wales.


Para Home International 
10 - 12 May 2019, Keysoe

A much depleted Wales presence this year at the Para Home International due to illness both horse and rider. Our 2 Welsh riders Veronica Bower and Jeanette Macwhinnie joined Southern rider Katie Radzik and South West rider Alicia Griffiths to become Swales Rainbows. The show ran concurrently with the Senior Inter Regionals which meant that our para riders were able to join in with the merriment of our other 24 riders from Wales. The Swales Rainbows team finished in 4th place out of a total of 8 teams. Both Welsh riders thoroughly enjoyed the show and were grateful for the support from Disability Sport Wales!

Left to Right: Jeanette Macwhinnie, Para Rep Tracy Ormrod and Veronica Bower 

Youth Inter Regionals 29 - 30 June 2019, Keysoe
Despite not having any teams in the top 10, all 5 dragon inspired teams had a fantastic time at the Youth Inter Regionals! Our top 10 individual results include Daisy-May Allen in 3rd place for D Squad, Amy Sibley in 8th place for C Squad and Libby Johnson took the 7th rosette for B+.
Youth Home International 26 - 28 July 2019, Arena UK
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