Petplan Equine Summer Freestyle Area Festivals

From Novice Silver and above, you can qualify for the Freestyle Winter Championships by taking part in regular day to day BD competitions at your local venues. Earn scores from qualifier tests to notch up the total scores needed and you’ll be dancing your way to the Championships! 


Key facts

Qualification period 1 January - 30 June
Levels Prelim to Inter I
Sections Bronze and Silver
Summer Area Festivals July - August
Championships Petplan Equine Area Festival Summer Championships, 6 - 9 October

Petplan Equine Summer Area Festival Qualification 

Take a look at the table below to choose your level and find out how many scores you need to take part. For multiple Area Festival qualifications a combination requires a further set of three or two scores depending on the level.

How to qualify

Level Qualification
Prelim to Advanced Medium Two scores at 63% or above (scores to be from one section)
Prix St George and Inter I  Two scores at 60% or above (scores to be from one section)

Need to know:

  • Combinations can ride in as many Area Festivals they qualify for unless they achieve qualification for the Championships.
  • Combinations who score 68% (70% Music) at Regionals, may not compete in an Area Festival at the same level or below in the current and future years e.g. a combination scoring 68% at Novice Silver may not ride in an Area Festival at Novice level or below again.
  • Combinations who score 68% or higher (70% Music) at the Area Festival Championships, may not compete in an Area Festival at the same level and section or below in the current and future years.
  • From the Area Festivals, combinations will need to finish in the top two of their class to qualify for the Area Festival Championships unless the class is split (minimum percentage to be obtained). Any unfilled places will be awarded by the wild card system.

Summer Area Festivals

For more information on all of the summer Area Festival venues, see the Petplan Equine Area Festivals page below.



You can ride in Prelim Bronze sections to get your scores for an Area Festival as a Club member on a Club horse. If you do qualify for a Petplan Equine Area Festival, you and your horse must upgrade to become a Full member to take part. Don't forget, if you own a horse taking part in the Petplan Equine Area Festivals, you'll need to be a Full (competing) or Full (non-competing) member too. 

For Prelim Silver and Novice level and above both you and your horse need to be a Full (competing) member and have a Full horse registration to gain your scores.